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7 Best File Sharing Apps for Businesses
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Laura Liang
Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr
Published Feb 25, 2022

We’ve probably all used a file sharing app in our personal lives, but this only covers one half of the industry. The other is business-grade file sharing apps, which typically have robust storage options and more relevant design features.

In this article, we’ll look at the 7 best file sharing apps and file share websites for businesses. First, let’s take a look at why your business might need file sharing software.

Why Do You Need File Share Apps?

Whether consumer- or business-grade, a file sharing app ultimately does the same thing. It allows users to add files (documents, pictures, etc.) to a shared storage space for easier access.

You might already be able to see the benefits of a file share platform for businesses, but we’ll lay them out anyway.


Keeping all your business files together in a single shared space makes collaboration much faster and easier. For example, if several employees are working on a text document, it saves sending the file every time someone makes a change.

While not the only option, this is a time when file sharing on Google Drive and its related word processor come in very handy. Alternatively, collaborators could upload and edit documents from platforms such as Microsoft Word.

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Improved Productivity

This links very closely to the point about collaboration. If companies use file share websites or apps, there’s no need to wait for someone to send over a file. Instead, using a cloud-based file share platform means changes are saved there and then.

In short, file sharing and cloud hosting can massively save time on larger, group-oriented projects. Saving time means one thing for businesses: improved productivity. It’s always been an important point but is more important than ever thanks to the move towards hybrid and remote working.


File sharing has several safety benefits for businesses. First, it eliminates the risk of lost files, work, and data. For example, if one computer crashes, you haven’t lost the project everyone was working on.

Also, file share platforms have access permissions. It means that only people who’ve been given permission can get into the file, which reduces the chances of data theft. The same is true if someone decides to transfer a file – it’s all encrypted.

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7 Best File Sharing Apps for Businesses

You’ll find plenty of file sharing apps for businesses, but here’s a brief rundown of the 7 best.


As the name suggests, Filewhopper allows you to send massive data files (up to 10TB). It does provide some file sharing for free, but larger files cost money. It’s not cloud storage but rather large-scale file transferring.


  • Securely shares file links.
  • Can send files up to 10TB.


  • Doesn’t allow for collaboration on files.
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Dropbox Business

Dropbox is likely a file sharing name you’re familiar with. It’s cloud-based, meaning the files aren’t stored locally, and you get unlimited storage space with higher plans. Pricing starts at $15 a month.


  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Link-sharing possible.


  • Lacks file search features.


OneDrive business is Microsoft’s file sharing platform. As you can imagine, it works best with Microsoft apps and provides cloud storage and remote collaboration. There are 4 business tiers, starting at $5 a month.


  • Anywhere access.
  • Minimum of 1TB of storage per user.


  • Base level doesn’t feature advanced security.


Box provides cloud-based file sharing and storage, and features file request options, too. It’s a good option for document signing and collaborating with external workers. There are 4 pricing options, starting at $20 a month.


  • Individual file sizes of up to 150GB.
  • Integrates with Microsoft, Google, Slack, and more.
  • Numerous security features.


  • Quite pricey compared to other options.
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WeTransfer Pro

WeTransfer is another file sharing app much like Filewhopper. It’s best for sending a file rather than remote collaboration, but you have an individual file limit of 200GB. The premium option removes storage and file-size limits. Pricing starts at $12 per person per month.


  • Numerous security options.
  • Provide feedback directly on files.
  • Organize files into portals for easier access. 


  • More focused on graphic design than word documents.

Google Drive

File sharing on Google Drive is probably something we’ve all done. After all, it’s one of the best file sharing for free options. Everything you produce on Google Workspace (included in plans) is automatically uploaded to the cloud. As such, it takes the hassle out of file sharing and remote collaboration. Pricing has 4 tiers, starting at $6 per user per month.


  • Most people will be familiar with the platform.
  • File sharing is automatic when using Google Workspace.
  • Multi-device, secure access.


  • Lacks some of the flashier features found on other file sharing websites.
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Dropbox business can be helpful for larger companies, but smaller businesses will probably be fine with standard Dropbox. A personal plan has 2GB of storage for free, or you can upgrade to a paid plan and get 2,000GB. Alternatively, a paid family plan has access for 6 users. Pricing starts at $12 a month, or you can try business options for free.


  • Easy to use for cloud storage.
  • Free file sharing with the right plan.
  • Useful for small-scale collaboration.


  • Helpful – but basic – file sharing system.

Use Textr to Better Collaborate with Your Team

File sharing is one thing, but if you need seamless collaboration via text and calling, Textr is the platform for you. Its features include group messaging (with workers and customers), contact sharing, customer tagging, and multiple phone numbers.

Textr makes collaboration among your team much easier by centralizing communication. What better way to let people know you’re sending a file?

If you need to get started quickly or want to test-drive the service, give Textr’s Send SMS Online tool a go. It’s free and doesn’t require a phone number – you can do it all from your web browser.

So, download Textr today for easier, faster team collaboration. It’s available across multiple platforms to keep things simple and efficient.

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