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How Much Does Textr Team Cost?

Laura Liang

Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr

Published Jan 10, 2022

Textr Team’s Standard and Enterprise Plan

Textr Team offers this service at a price all small businesses can afford. Textr Team scales with your business by placing no restrictions on the numbers you can subscribe to and by providing unlimited texting. Textr Team’s plans are flexible with the option to pay as you go.

Standard Plan

This plan is ideal for individuals, freelancers, startups, and small businesses. All of Textr Team’s features are available in this plan. For a full list of feature see our pricing page.

  • Each Textr Team user is $10/user/mo. This comes with one phone number per user.
  • Each additional user added to a phone is $10/user/mo.
  • Any adjustments to your subscription in the middle of a subscription period are charged or credited prorated based on your billing date.

Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plan is also available for larger teams and organizations with more complex needs. We offer custom pricing. If you think the enterprise plan is a good fit for you and your team, please send us an email at [email protected].

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