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Laura Liang

Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr

Published Jan 7, 2022

About Textr Team

Textr Team is a one stop solution for small to medium sized businesses’ telecom needs. 

So business owners don’t have to pay expensive fees, commit to a 3 years contract with big 3s, and wait for a long time to install the phone lines without texting capability. Plus, there is no need to invest in any hardware costs to start; that means saying goodbye to any PBX system. 

Textr Team Phone Numbers

With Textr Team, you can subscribe to any of the 48 states In the US and 12 Provinces in Canada.

All local phone numbers are at your disposal to ensure you can always assist your customer wherever they are. Toll-free phone numbers, vanity phone numbers and short-code phone numbers are also available to choose from.

As Textr Team understands how important business’s sales and customer services lines are, we designed our system to allow you to assign the most capable users to answer phone calls and reply to text messages.

Textr Team Features

Additional helpful features include storing the chatting history for different working shifts and recording a phone call for future reference.

Sometimes dealing with customers is very difficult; some of them are a pleasure to serve and some can be a little picky. Hence, classifying customers is important to serve them better.

With Textr Team tag’s management system, you can assign customers different color tags and blacklist spam in just a few clicks.

Affordable Pricing

Curious about Textr Team’s pricing? Take a look at our pricing here.

You won’t be disappointed by our competitive rates. And don’t worry, we hate hidden charges as much as you do. We look forward to having you aboard.

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