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What is a VoIP Phone? Benefits of Using Voip Phone for Small Businesses During Covid-19
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Yuan Yang
Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr
Published Apr 6, 2021

VoIP phone systems have changed the way we use everyday tools for communication. A VoIP phone system has become a game-changer for small businesses with only one telephone line but multiple employees. You get all the features of an enterprise-level phone but at a significantly reduced cost.
Read on to learn more about how VoIP for small business can help your business during the pandemic.

What is a VoIP Phone?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The internet protocol part means exactly what you think it means. Your voice is converted into a digital signal and transferred to a recipient over the internet, the same internet you use every day to browse the web.  

You have a lot of options when choosing VoIP for small business. You can use a hard phone, which looks a lot like the phones you are used to, except they connect to the internet rather than the standard PTSN telephone network. You can use a hard phone for everything that a traditional phone can do and more, including: 

  • Conference calls 
  • Direct calls 
  • Voicemail 
  • Video calls
  • Headset, handset, and Bluetooth communication 

A VoIP phone is also available as a softphone option, a phone that lives as an app on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. And what’s more, VoIP phone apps can be used just like a hard phone.  

How does VoIP Work For Small Businesses?

When you add voice to your data network, you can save a significant chunk of working capital because you are now maintaining one network instead of two.  

VoIP for small business can help your company reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and enjoy enhanced collaboration features.  

Advanced Features of a VoIP Phone: 

  • You can add or move extensions 
  • Your workforce can use your communication network wherever they are by accessing the network wirelessly
  • Collaborate through voice, video chat, web conference, or instant messaging 

If your workers can access the wireless network, then they are never out of communication range.

Benefits of Using VoIP During COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a massive influence over how business is done in a world of social distancing and working from home.  

In their efforts to maintain a productive workforce during a pandemic, businesses have resorted to using a suite of remote tools that allow their workers to collaborate remotely.  

One tool that has been instrumental in helping companies with their cash flow and keeping their employees and customers safe from infection is VoIP for small business. Here are just a few of the VoIP benefits helping companies keep commerce alive and well during COVID-19. 

  • VoIP makes the transition to working from home a lot more straightforward. Most businesses will already have the necessary infrastructure in place.  
  • Workers can work from wherever they are and be contactable through the same number at the office, working from home, or on the road.  
  • Staff morale is higher for workers who feel less at risk of a viral infection. VoIP plans are typically more affordable than traditional landlines and infinitely more scalable with less hassle. 
  • Video conferencing, texting, and voice calls keep a remote workforce connected and productive.  
  • A VoIP plan is scalable at a moment’s notice, which helps to save on costs. VoIP offers a tracking feature that gives employers the ability to monitor the productivity of their remote workforce.  
  • VoIP enables remote teamwork through text, voice, and video conferencing. No additional bills like a fee for extra landlines. An internet connection is the only requirement. You only pay for each user, and it’s easy to add new users or drop them off as needed.  
  • Alternating workers between remote locations and their work office is streamlined when you use VoIP. Employees will always be in sync with the team.

What VoIP Phone Plan Is Right for My Business?

When shopping for VoIP, you will come across a wide range of service providers who are all offering slightly different plans and costing tiers. You will need to do some homework here to find the best service. If your business is a small team, then a flat-rate service like Textr may be just the thing. It is only $10/month per user and one phone number of your choice.  

You might not get all the bells and whistles of a more expensive VoIP phone, but you will get all of the essential features that you need like calling, SMS/MMS texting, centralized contacts, easy collaboration with team members, all for an affordable flat rate. Watch out for providers who lure you in with cheaper fees at the start but slap you with massive price hikes later on and trap you with a long-term contract.

VoIP Phone FAQ

Q: What equipment do I need to make the switch to VoIP for small business? 

A: You can use your existing mobile phone, business phone, or computer when switching to VoIP. At Textr, we provide you with a phone number porting service that allows you to use your existing number on our application. You can purchase a hard phone if you’d like, but VoIP works just fine with a VoIP app on your phone or computer like the one available from Textr. 

Q: How much does VoIP phone Cost Per Month? 

A: This will depend on your provider. Average plan costs are around $20 per month per user. Textr are one of the cheapest at just $10 per month per user.  

Q: What is VoIP phone call quality like? 

A: If your internet speed is fast enough, you will enjoy voice communication superior to what you experience through traditional landlines.

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