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Enjoy calling, texting, and connecting to the internet anywhere with Textr. Choose plans that suit your lifestyle for your personal, business and travel needs.
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Get affordable mobile data plans for your travel or local needs.
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Textr Go
Keep in touch with your loved ones and stay active in your social circle.
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Textr Team
Helping businesses simplify their telecom needs with Textr Team.
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Our Benefits
Why Use Textr Apps?
Stay Flexible
Our modular tools are designed to be lean and unconfined you from one mobile provider. We offer highly customizable features, flexible pricing and payment methods. Choose the right plan, and the right lifestyle for yourself.
Incorporate our apps into your day-to-day operations and be free from contract nightmares. Our plans and product features are catered to your daily, national or international business, and casual travel needs with no strings attached.
Ease of Use
Textr tackles the inconveniences you are having with existing systems by replacing traditional telephones with digital solutions. Our products are simple, clean and easy to integrate with no technical skill needed.
Global Network
Our products empower you to go anywhere, anytime, and still stay connected on our powerful global networks. Keep in contact with your family and business wherever you go.
Our Benefits
What our Customers Say
I often travel to US from Canada and have occasional international trips in Asia. Having Textr Team and eSIM is extremely convenient for me to keep in touch with my clients and agents. The plans are clear and the pricing is transparent and competitive.
Allen Torres
Travel Agency Owner
Textr Team is absolutely fantastic! I don’t need to carry two phones anymore; I just manage my personal and business calls and texts in one place. I can forward all of my incoming calls to my selected number, and that is just awesome!
Amelia Park
Ecommerce Business Owner
Textr Team is the killer app for real estate agents. Able to read voicemails from each contacts save me so much time. It saves me the trouble of carrying multiple phones and keeps my personal and business numbers separate on one phone!
Paul Martinez