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Textr Go helps you keep in touch with your loved ones, stay active in your social circle, and enjoy your personal life.
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Who is Textr Go for?

Got a limited budget? Need a handy app? Don’t miss a good chance to get a personal phone number and use it wherever you are.
Worried about using up your minutes? Received an expensive phone bill? Stay connected on a clear and reliable phone system with an affordable plan.
You can design your phone plan. Simply apply for a phone number online, separate business and personal contacts, and upgrade to unlimited texting and calling when needed.
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How Textr Go works

Take Control of Your Phone Plan Today

Eligible for a free Canada or US phone number in minutes. Flexible plans with text and call starting from $0 monthly, and upgrade your phone plan anytime anywhere.
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Keep Your Personal Number Private

Hesitant to pick up phones from unknown numbers? Assign familiar contacts to your primary number, and get messages and calls from strangers on a secondary phone number.
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Stay Connected Wherever You Are

A worldwide used mobile phone number to call and text. Just connect to WiFi, and you can reach anyone anywhere at the most competitive rate.
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Customize Calling and Texting Experience

Feel free to pick your desired area code, custom voicemail greeting, or choose your favorite profile. Worry about language problems? Upgrade your plan to translate text and voicemail immediately.
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Our Happy Users

Owner of H.A.
Thanks to Textr Go, I save a lot on phone bills. The best part is that it’s almost free. I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from expensive phone plans.
CEO of M.M.
I was looking for a free US phone number even though I am living in China, and Textr Go was exactly what I needed. The sign-up process was easy and I was able to start using the service right away. The call quality is great and I haven't had any problems with the service.
Nicolas Z.
Textr Go is definitely a game changer. It’s so flexible, there is no contract and no hidden fees. I got a free number and I earned coins on the app to upgrade my phone plan. Now, I can send as many texts as I want to my international friends!

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