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Why Choose Textr Office Phone?

Secure and Reliable

A state-of-the-art enterprise cloud phone system integrated with Amazon and Google Cloud. Enjoy 24/7 uptime with no dropped calls.  Perfect for business phone systems that demand reliability and security.

Powerful Features

Experience unparalleled functionality with our business telephone system, including IVR, Call Flow, Ring Group, SMS Centre, Call Centre, Extensions, Call Transfer, Voicemail, Call Recording, Conference Calling, Auto-Attendant, Call Analytics, and more.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy free use of Yealink phones with our professional plug-and-play telephone system. Benefit from a lifetime warranty, all starting at just $14.99/user/month.

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Pricing Guide

For small, medium and large businesses

Plan A


/ User / Month

  • FREE Yealink T31P SIP Phone
  • Unlimited US & Canada Talking
  • Conference Bridge
  • Single Layer Auto-Attendant
  • Up To 10 Ring-Group/Call Queues
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Plan B


/ User / Month

  • FREE Yealink T33G SIP Phone (Color)
  • Unlimited US & Canada Talking
  • Conference Bridge
  • Two Layer Auto-Attendant
  • Up To 15 Ring-Group/Call Queues
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Plan C


/ User / Month

  • FREE Yealink T43U SIP Phone
  • Unlimited US & Canada Talking
  • Conference Bridge
  • Unlimited Layer Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited Ring-Group/Call Queues
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Start-up Owner
I can't say enough good things about Textr Office Phone! I needed a business phone system that was reliable and packed with features to make my start-up business sound professional. Textr Office Phone has been a game-changer. I have already recommended it to most of my startup friends!
IT Manager at L.R.
Textr Office Phone is our go-to solution for communication. It's rock-solid, the call quality is fantastic, and I've never experienced downtime. The flexible plans have allowed us to scale our communication needs without breaking the bank.
Freelance Consultant
I've been using Textr Office Phone for my freelance consultancy, and I couldn't be happier. It's secure and dependable, giving me peace of mind during client calls. The best part is the pricing – it's so competitive and I can get a lifetime warranty with that price which is perfect.

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