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Discover personal data with a free phone number carrier check online.
Easily look up any number in the United States to improve your business database and service.

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How To Use Our Send SMS Online Tool


Step 1 — Choose the country to send a text to and enter the phone number of the recipient


Step 2 — Enter the phone number of the person who will receive your text message.


Step 3 — Type out your message. If your message is longer than 160 characters, consider using Textr’s web app to send longer messages.


Step 4 — Click send when you’ve finished writing your SMS!

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Benefits of Using Our Send SMS Online Tool

Premier Free Messaging Online

Send and receive SMS online for free! Unlike traditional platforms, you will not have to pay a thing while still receiving a quality and reliable service. We go above and beyond to take care of your messaging needs so you can stay in the loop and stay connected. Stop buying a new app, phone or SIM card and send the messages you need for free. Never choose between quality and free again – enjoy the best SMS messaging around with our free service.

Anonymous Messaging Services

Send SMS online for free without registration. Our platform is here to protect you so you can safely and anonymously send text messages from a web browser. This is especially handy when contacting unverified sources to avoid giving out your personal or business cellphone number. This free SMS service allows you to efficiently communicate, practice safe data security and enjoy an unbeatable price of absolutely free! Stay connected while staying safe, secure, and anonymous today with our free messaging tool.

Easy to Use

Free messaging software and platforms have a history of being difficult and hard to use. We have created a streamlined system so you can easily navigate, send and receive messages with minimal technical know-how or experience. Long gone are the days of needing to be a tech genius to figure it out – anyone can efficiently utilize our platform in mere minutes. If you have any questions, simply follow the how-to process and you will be good to go. Effortlessly send the messages you need to send today!

Send Messages Right in Your Web Browser

Enjoy a hassle-free messaging system when you need it. There are many cases when you do not have your phone or do not want to use your number – now you can communicate on any web browser. Simply follow the above steps and begin communicating from your PC. We offer text and emoji features to maximize convenience and improve your overall experience.

Need an SMS App For Your Business?

If you are looking for something a little extra, be sure to look at our business texting app – Textr. Textr is a power-packed app designed with businesses in mind empowering them with the services they need to succeed in the business world. We’ve taken into account every detail, need, and desire of business owners before developing this all-in-one communication application.

Now savvy business owners are communicating with staff and clients better than they ever have before. If you are serious about improving your communication, we are serious about helping. Try out our free send SMS online service today, and then head over to Textr to see which one matches your needs.
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