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Popular Travel Data Plans over 130+ Destinations


Make Your Trips Easier and Happier

Textr eSIM is a prepaid mobile data service that provides data connection in over 130 countries.
All you need is to pay for your data plan in advance. Roam the world without fear of outrageous fees.
Stable and Secure
Mobile Data
Forget about WIFI. Textr eSIM finds the best local connections for you.
No Contracts
No Roaming Fees
Don't be locked into a carrier. Save more with flexible plans and top up anytime.
Make Smart Decisions
Not Hard Ones
Skip physical SIM and delivery time. Buy eSIM online and use it on the destination.
Keep Connection
Keep Safe
Stay connected with loved ones and never miss important messages.

How Does Textr eSIM Work?

Device check
Device Check
Check if your devices are eSIM compatible within 2 minute.
Buy a Data Plan
Select a data plan that fits your budget and needs.
Install the eSIM
Install eSIM through QR code or activation code.
Activate Your Plan
Arrive at your destination and connect to the local network.

Experience The Next-level Convenience of Textr eSIM

Download now for a streamlined mobile lifestyle.
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Why Choose Textr eSIM?

Cost-effective Regional
Data Plans
Best for solo-travelers and cruise trips. Visit regional countries in 1 data plan.
Flexible Data Plans
From 1GB to 10GB, select suitable plans for short-term or long-term journeys.
Data Usage Checker and Reminder
24/7 support team to help you stay connected. Self-check data usage and a SMS notification when approaching data limit.
Secure and Convenient
Accept global payment via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and UnionPay.
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Why Travellers Love Textr eSIM?

I used Textr eSIM for a recent trip to United States and was pleased with the experience. It cost me only $4.99 for a week, while my home carrier charged $10 per day!  In addition, the installation process was easy, just need to follow the instruction.
Jerry Elrod
University Student
As a flight attendant who travel to lots of countries and it’s always a problem having to find a SIM card to get local internet. Textr eSIM makes it so easy and affordable to stay in touch while on the road.  Highly recommend it for all travellers!
Amelia Park
Flight Attendant
This is my third experience with Textr eSIM and I’m really satisfied by the product. Had no problem with network coverage or strength.

Save so much time not having to search around at airports!
Mike Levine
Travel Blogger
Used Textr eSIM in my Europe trip, very easy and convenient to use!  Great customer service and 5 star communication. Highly recommend Textr eSIM if you are planning to go for a trip. Will definitely use it again!

Sarah Hansley

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