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Exclusive Wholesale Data Plans for Travel Agencies

Bring more benefits and convenience to your travellers: enjoy unmatched global connectivity and affordability wherever to go.
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Competitive Edge for Travel Agencies

Uninterrupted Connectivity
Simple and flexible options of eSIM and SIM card that broadens your customer base, appealing to everyone from tech-savvys to older generations who prefer traditional methods.
Customize Bundles at Competitive Prices
Enjoy low startup costs and flexible orders with wholesale prices. Tailor packages to meet client needs affordably, ensuring competitive pricing to seasonal trends or specific requests.
Hassle-Free Implementation, No Tech Investment
All travel data plans are ready-to-use with no development needed. Order packages and instantly offer your customers enhanced services, focusing on crafting unforgettable travel experiences.
Bilingual Support for Smooth Operations
With customer service in English and Chinese, we ensure seamless experiences and eliminate communication barriers, enhancing client satisfaction and simplifying your agency's operations.
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Features and Benefits

Best for Group Tourists and Solo Travellers

Exceptional Value, Global Reach

The exclusive wholesale data rates for travel agencies. We are partnered with major carriers like AT&T, China Mobile, Vodafone to provide global data roaming cheaper than local rates.

Explore Without Limits

Cover 130+ destinations, including top travel hotspots like Japan, China, Thailand, and the USA, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever your adventures take you.

Perfect Gifts for Staying Connected

Ideal for keeping family, friends, and customers connected. Travel data plans are thoughtful tokens to bridge distances with ease.

Flexible and Adaptable for All Needs

From 7 to 180 days, data plans are customized for every journey, whether it's a brief trip, a family gathering, or extended study abroad.

eSIM & Physical SIM Choices

Break free from WiFi and VPN constraints—opt for eSIM or physical SIM, enjoy smooth browsing, social media engagement, and seamless connections everywhere.

Reusable and Easy to Top Up

Prepaid travel data plans tailored for ease of use and cater to beginners and seniors alike. Top up remotely for both eSIM and Physical SIM cards.

Seamless Travel Experience

Why Choose Textr eSIM for Your Travellers?

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A New Way to Explore the World

Get Textr eSIM today, Save your trips more. Shop available on website, Android app or iOS app
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