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Buy Travel Data Without Identity Verification

Say goodbye to SIM card registration, shop the most flexible data plans from Textr eSIM without ID requirements.
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Global Accessibility

An Internet Freedom to Travel Globally

No required eKYC (identity verification)
No extra VPN needed
No contracts
No hidden fees
No shipping
No physical SIM cards

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Enjoy the Convenience of Prepaid Mobile Data

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An eSIM for multi-countries
Unlock multi-country connectivity with a single eSIM, enabling seamless mobile access across borders.
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Slash 90% roaming fees
Slash roaming fees by 90% with free eSIM cards, revolutionizing affordable global connectivity.
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Top up anytime
Conveniently top up your eSIM anytime, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity on your terms.
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Free eSIM cards
Experience seamless connectivity with free eSIM cards, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.
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Stable and shareable internet
Enjoy stable and shareable internet with free eSIM cards, ensuring reliable connectivity for all your devices.
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4G/5G cellular network
Experience blazing fast connectivity with free eSIM cards on 4G/5G cellular networks.
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Take advantage of our limited-time offer for free eSIM cards, providing you with exclusive benefits and connectivity options.
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Who Is Textr eSIM Suitable for?

eSIM for international travellers
Instant data plans for short-term trips, no registration
eSIM for students studying abroad
Budget-savvy students travel worldwide, staying connected with loved ones.
eSIM for business travellers
Single-phone, affordable global data coverage for international work travel.
eSIM for family travellers
Seamlessly share data with family for an enhanced travel experience, worry-free.
International travellersFamily travellers 
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Why Our Users Love Textr eSIM

Absolutely love using Textr eSIM! It's incredibly flexible with no commitment to a contract. It gives me the freedom to switch plans wherever I go. The best part is the affordability of Textr Italy data plans, as low as $4.39. I no longer have to worry about expensive data charges.
Travel Blogger
5 Stars Rating
Textr eSIM rocks for buying travel data! The coolest thing is, no ID check needed. Finally, a service that lets me get data without all the annoying hoops to jump through. Thanks to Textr eSIM, I can just focus on my travels instead of dealing with unnecessary paperwork.
Adventure Photographer
5 Stars Rating
Textr eSIM has totally made my travel life easier. No more messing around with extra VPNs and complicated setups. I get a secure and reliable connection without any extra software. Textr eSIM is like my personal connectivity superhero, keeping me connected no matter where I am.
Digital Nomad
5 Stars Rating

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