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Entry To Qatar Doha

You must apply for a Hayya Card which you can only get if you have tickets to a World Cup match. Hayya Card holders can add up to 3 people onto their card for a fee.

Covid Regulation

Each tourist over 12 should present a standard vaccination card issued by their country. You must also have a valid rapid antigen or PCR test 48 hours before traveling. When you arrive in Qatar, you should download a contact tracing app called Ehteraz.

Staying in Doha

The FIFA website has a list of approved accommodations in the city. You can also stay with friends and family, but they must first register their home as an approved accommodation. Please be aware that you need a validated accommodation to get a Hayya Card.

Currency in Qatar

The official currency of the country is the Qatar riyal which is legally pegged at a rate of 1 US dollar to 3.64 QR. You can take money out at ATMs in malls and hotels around Doha, but the standard service charge is 3-5%.
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