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Looking to stay ahead of the competition? Textr Team provides the best phone system solution for automotive businesses.
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Unlimited SMS/MMS

Powerful Marketing Tools To Get Responses Faster

Handiest Data Management

Stay Close To Customers With Your Superior Services

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Enhance Work Collaboration On A Single Platform
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Can’t Reach Your Customers By Call?

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Drive your Sale

Efficient Marketing for Car Rentals and Sales

Unlimited Call & Text With Low Costs

Responsive & retention rate compared with sending email.
Schedule bulk messages to reach more customers, and accelerate the sales with MMS.

Increase ROI by Unlimited Talk Minutes

Faster conversion rate than web leads.
Higher retention rate in contrast to web.
Revenue return more than website visitors.
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Personalized Communication with Customers

Optimize Services with Tags and Notes

Sync all data on mobile and web devices. Categorize your customers to make deals easy to follow up. Share new promotions and repair notifications to gain the loyalty of clients.

Customized IVR to Enhance Call Experiences

Custom voice-activated messages for greetings. Set up an auto-attendant to answer inventory related questions, schedule appointments and route calls, and more.
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Seamless Cooperation with Suppliers

Collaborate on A Single Platform

Invite co-workers, car dealers and manufacturers to communicate on a single platform, and enjoy clear and stable conference calls. Record important calls and playback as needed.

Speech to Text and Shareable Contacts

Accurately transcribe voice recordings to text in over 50 languages. Share the contact list with clicking a button. Increasing communication efficiency and accuracy
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Available on iOS & Android, and as a Web App. Get started with a US, CA or UK free phone number. No credit card is needed.