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Get rid of Rogers standard plan. Customize your phone system with Textr Team. Spend less, earn more
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Advanced Phone Services for Small Business

Separate business phone number from personal number
Get multiple phone numbers and unlimited CA/US calling & texting
Enjoy a lightweight CRM on both desktops and mobile phones

Features Comparison

Standard Plan Details
Standard Plan Details
Price Per Month
$10 Per User
$30 Per User
Unlimited Call
Unlimited Text
Calling & Messaging (Internat
Contact Sales
Speech to Text
Call Recording
Call Forwarding
Number Porting
Enable Texting Landline
Share Phone Number
Toll Free Phone Number
SMS Campaign
Unlimited Contacts & Contact Tags
Contact Sales
Free Tool Resourses
No Technician Installation Needed
iOS and Android Apps
Web Based App
Email Customer Support
*Fair usage policy applies.
Why Choose Textr

3 Unbeatable Reasons for Choosing Textr Team over Rogers

One Stop Platform

Innovative Telecom Solutions

Unlimited Call & Text With Low Costs

Only ⅓ price to get the same services. Free bonus on SMS campaign to grow your businesses.

Bring your team on board

Rogers outage caused significant loss. On Textr Team, share your number with teams and stay responsive to your customers.

Communication on multiple devices

All conversations and contacts are shared in real-time across mobile devices and web browsers.
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Get a free US or CA phone number for texting and calling
Enable Texting to Landline

Enable Landline to Text

Text from your existing landline

No physical installation is needed. Activate your existing business number to text, and use it immediately.

No extra charges

Send and receive SMS/MMS text messages from your current business landline without any additional fee.

Convenient interactions

Avoid long hold times and phone tags. Text messaging is an efficient and favored conversation tool.
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Free Tools

Improved customer relationship

Lightweight CRM

Import existing contacts, segment clients by tags and notes, sync up with teams, and provide superior services.

Be closer to customers

Choose your desired area code, be localized to your valued customers, and build stronger relationships.

Boost team collaboration

Set up phone menus (IVR) to optimize team cooperation. Guiding customers to appropriate destinations and solving inquiries quickly.
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What Our Clients Say

Textr Team is absolutely fantastic! I don’t need to carry two phones anymore; I just manage my personal and business calls and texts in one place. I can forward all of my incoming calls to my selected number, and that is just awesome!
Ayana Fellows
Marketer of Lilypuff
Textr Team has changed my expectations for telecom companies. It is not only extremely affordable but has amazing features that allow me to share my phone account with other team members. Never tried such convenience before.
Lilli Kane
Urban Planner of Citypea
I have been using Textr Team for a long time. All I need is a reliable phone service to connect with my local and international customers. I have to say text messages save a lot of time and effort and work really well on business.
Dean Lester
Owner of Jacvo

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