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What Exactly is
Interactive Voice Response?
Best Automated System
With IVR, customers can be routed to self-service steps without any interaction with a human agent.
Interact with the IVR system at any time
Improved Productivity
Best Automated System
Callers can choose from menu options by selecting a keypad to direct their calls to specific departments or individuals.
Automated Self Service
Interactive Voice Response is great for any business that wants to expedite service and offload manual routing and task management onto the IVR. Teams can spend time where it matters most.
Better Customer Experience
The majority of customers prefer to resolve their issues over the phone. With IVR, customers can be routed to self-service steps without any interaction with a human agent.
Enhance Productivity
The IVR system can direct inbound calls to a specific person or department and provide outbound notifications or promotions to customers. Handle large volumes of calls faster, find the right answer easier, and increase customer satisfaction.
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Better Image
Create a Better Company Image with Textr Team
Smarter Customer Services
The key to success is enabling your team with next-gen digital tools. Our outbound sales features allow your representatives to focus on your clients and closing potential leads. Enhance customer success, go-to-market strategy and sales performances by automating your workflow with Textr Team’s all-in-one platform.
Reduce Manual Errors
The high volume of calls can result in misrouting of users and long waiting times. With the IVR system’s automated routing, you greatly reduce the risk of mistakes in directing a customer to where they need to go.
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Smaller companies may not have the call volume, but you can create the impression that your company is large by implementing an IVR. Setting up multi-layer menu options and increasing a better company image.
The Best Choice for Business
IVR works like a virtual receptionist and operator that saves your company time and labor costs. Company resources can be better utilized while still meeting the needs of your clients.
Easy to Set up and Use
Textr Team doesn't require any additional hardware installations. You can open, manage, and scale up your phone number account by yourself.
Bring Your Team Onboard
Add members of your team to Textr to collaborate on one platform. Share contacts and assign calls to teams. Never miss a customer’s inquiry and respond as a team.
What Our Customers Say About Textr Team
Customers were often misrouted and waited for long periods of time when speaking to human agents.

This adversely affected customer service. Using Textr Team IVR, my company has greatly reduced the risk of customer mistakes and increased customer satisfaction.
Brain O'Conner
Customer Representative of Wild

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