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Centralize and automate all your incoming calls and texts from your business landline with Textr Team's all-in-1 app.

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Enabling Text to landline

What is Enabling Text to Landline?

Clients Want to Text Your Business Number?

Textr's Text to Landline feature allows you to receive and send SMS/ MMS with your mobile phone instead of your landline business phone in Canada or U.S.

No Change to Your Current Business Phone

Enabling texting to your voice-only phone will not affect your existing phone carrier nor phone billing. For only $10 per month, you can receive the benefit of texting with your current business number.

Receive Incoming Calls & Texts with Automation

Do not fear missing an incoming customer lead ever again! Team's call routing and IVR can be customized to fit your needs.
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User Friendly

Simple Set Up

How to Enable Your Landline?

No need to purchase a new text messaging-capable phone for your business. Create a 7-day free trial Textr account, fill in our form to enable landline texting and start using your mobile phone as your business landline phone!

Connect Anywhere

With your landline text-enabled, you can easily reach all of your clients at your fingertips. You can access your message online through desktop, tablet, iOS, and Android.
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Why Enable Texting?


Customers Prefer Texts over Calls

A study found that people like having the ability to text a business. It’s easier for customers to stay connected with your business using the same phone number.


Reach your customers the way they want.

The average American reads almost all texts with an open rate close to 100%. Studies show that most people ignore calls from unknown numbers but not text!


Increased Conversion Rate

Did you know that a one minute response time can improve your conversion rate? With a text-enabled landline, you manage more customer conversations nd generate more revenue.
The Enabling Texting Process

How to Enable Texting to Landline?

Step 1

Sign up/log in to Textr Team

Step 2

Fill in the enabling text to landline application form

Step 3

Submit the application form

Step 4

Done! Wait for Textr Team’s approval, and start to enjoy your landline texting
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Can’t get through to your customers by call?

Register on Textr Team to enable texting on your business landline to reach these customers by SMS!
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Centralized platform

What Happens if You Text a Landline?

You can receive both SMS/ MMS. Receiving images from customers improve conversation quality and can greatly reduce call time!
Textr has a powerful cloud technology with redundancy and disaster recovery solutions to achieve enterprise grade SLA to SMB with 99.99% stability. Ensure all your business communication and operations are never disrupted.
Secure messaging is one of the key requirement for businesses, especially for the legal and human resource industries. Textr Team encrypts all data for customer protection and keeps your business info secured.
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Can I use my existing landline for text messaging?
Can I text a large group of customers?
Do I need any additional hardware?
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