Mobile and Reliable Phone System for Law firms

Powerful Communication, Enhanced Relationship, Professional Prestige

Relationship & Security

Losing Credibility

Clients want to contact lawyers whatever and wherever they like. Time, location and device hinder you and your clients from communicating. Gradually, you are losing their trust.

Privacy Concerns

Legal services emphasize secure and confidential communication. Simple phone systems can’t provide enterprise-grade security and can’t sync up clients’ data on multiple platforms.

Polished Professional

Stronger Connection

Advanced features like custom voicemail, call forwarding, visual messages, online fax can present a kind of professionalism. Open up an always-on line of communication to keep clients happy and engaged.

Data Security

Keep everything confidential. Separate your business number from your personal number. Plus, check and share clients’ info across phone, laptop, and tablet.
What Our Customers Say About Textr Team
Ivy as a legal assistant managed all operations for her law firm. She had to contact and receive calls from over 50+ stakeholders daily. Covid pandemic highlighted how difficult it was to manage cases digitally to meet the demand of clients. Textr Team helps her achieve her a efficient solution, it provides her an business phone system app that she can manage stakeholders and team members all together with a low cost.
Ivy McNally
Self-employed Residential Realtor
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