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Connect talents via a reliable digital phone platform.
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Register an account
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Get free US/CA phone number
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Bring your team on board and assign them phone number
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Done! Start texting and calling your clients
Good candidates are often approached regularly by recruiters, making it hard for you to reach the person best fit for the job.

Vacant positions also cost money and delay operations. Thus, the goal here is to reduce hiring time.
Improved Efficiency in Hiring!
Speed Up Hiring Process
No more manual contact-importing and note-taking. Tag candidates in different positions and be proactive in matching talents.
Keep a Stronger Connection
Stay close to your clients with ease, enjoy the fast messages delivery and crystal audio quality as always.
Access Data in Real-Time
Data auto-sync up on multiple devices. Whether you’re on mobile devices or web browsers, all conversations and contacts stay synced.
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Enroll Top Talents Faster than Ever
Reduce Repetitive Work
Invite your team to join – team members can always stay connected and keep track of candidates throughout the hiring process.
Seamless Communication
Hassle free calling app to ensure high quality communication experience. With just one click, send interview or result notifications by bulk SMS.
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Quickly route callers to the right department at your company. Configure custom voicemails to distinguish urgent and unwanted calls.
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As a recruiter, I can quickly contact the right talents with a small budget. Selecting top candidates in this effective communication platform helps me save a lot of time. And team collaboration is definitely improved. I have to say, Textr Team is a powerful phone app that is perfect for human resource usages.
Success in Work and Life
Second Line for Work
No hardware setup. Use one app to call and text without limitations. Stay connected and work in any environment you prefer.
Do Not Disturb Your Life
Flexible to arrange your work. Enable do not disturb when you are off work, and block annoying callers and messages.
Affordable Pricing Plans
Starting from $10 per month. Save more money in your business. Get peace of mind with secured billing and transparent usage records.
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Hire Talents with Textr Team

Available on iOS & Android, and as a Web App. Get started with a US, CA or UK free phone number. No credit card is needed.