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Verify mobile/cell numbers of your existing and potential customers list and ensure correct data accuracy. Now you can improve the quality of your information in 3 simple steps.
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How To Use Our Phone Number Validator Tool


Step 1 — Access the Textr application and fill in the phone number to validate.


Step 2 — Click on the validate a number now button to have the Textr application pass the phone number to the validation tool for analysis.


Step 3 — Review the result. The application will provide you with the phone number data to proceed to remove the inaccessible numbers.

Validate a Number Now

Real Information Guarantee

Our tool quickly verifies any user’s mobile/cell phone numbers. In addition, it checks their validity to prevent you from entering the wrong phone numbers.

Fraud Prevention

The application performs a verification of the phone number to determine its legitimacy and minimize fraud. Completing this process with your customers ensures future contact.

Choosing the Right Channel

Textr identifies mobile and landline phone numbers to provide greater control of your campaigns. This way, you make sure to send SMS only to cell phones.

Clean Database

Regular validation of your customers’ phone numbers ensures that they are still accessible, which reduces errors in broadcasting SMS or voice marketing campaigns.

Customer Data Enrichment

Apart from the validity of the phone numbers, you also get to know information about your existing and potential customers, such as their time zone, to avoid calling at inappropriate times.

Benefits of Using a Phone Number Validator Tool

Why is Phone Number Validation Important

Avoid Fraudulent Entries
The Textr application fights against spammers and scammers who provide their phone numbers in the registration. This additional level of security saves time and allows you to maintain a clean and secure database.
Save Costs
Our phone number validation tool can help you avoid unnecessary campaign costs by ensuring that the message reaches users at the correct number and through the right channel.


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