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Save money, save time. Keep your costs down by sending and receiving fax for free online.

How To Use Online Free Fax Tool


Step 1 — Fill om the sender’s information. You need to enter the personal information of the online fax sender and the email address you want to use to send a fax for free.


Step 2 — Fill in the receiver’s information. after registering the sender’s data, you must enter the receiver’s information of the fax you want to send, filling in the boxes with the name and fax number.


Step 3 — Upload your file. Open and attach the file you want to send via the online fax tool. You can upload files only in PDF format.


Step 4 — After attaching the document, review the fax. If satisfied, click on the captcha to verify and hit the send button.

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Benefits of Using the Online Free Fax Tool

Save Time

The bandwidth is how much data your network can send and receive. The better your bandwidth, the better the connection you will have over multiple devices at once. Bandwidth is significant to know because you will need roughly 100 kbps of bandwidth to utilize VoIP properly.

Easy to Use and Set Up

Sending faxes by email is much easier than traditional faxing. There is no need to install software on your computer or cell phone, no need to buy a specialized device.


Receive and send all the faxes you need from your computer, mobile, or tablet at no cost. Enhance your digital work environment with an online fax service. and forget about fax machine and phone line expenses.

High Security Protocols

The difference between sending a fax online and email is that a receipt is generated, just like traditional fax. This feature generates guarantees and recognized legal effects that position fax over email.


The online fax tool works through email, representing a considerable saving of paper, ink, and electricity.

How Many Files Can I Send?

You can attach only one file at a time. Furthermore, the file should only be in PDF format. Also, there is a weight limit for sending documents. The maximum accepted for each fax is 3MB.
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For the sending of each fax, a cooling time of the 60s is required. However, you can send another fax after the 60s.
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Does the content of the fax necessarily have to be PDF?
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