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Quickly identify Unicode characters in your text messages, avoid segmentation and save sending costs
Unicode Character
Regular 7bit character, present in GSM7 character set
Unicode character, Character not present in GSM character set.
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How To Use Our Unicode Checker

Follow these 3 simple steps to instantly identify GSM characters and Unicode symbols from your text messages:


Step 1 — Copy and paste a text message into the box. After entering them into the system, the characters from your text message are automatically reflected in the results box.


Step 2 — Identify the different symbols in your SMS message. The color distinguishes characters- GSM characters will be displayed in gray, Unicode characters in red, and escape characters in orange.


Step 3 — Calculating the characters in your text message. The text counter calculates the number of characters and the number of parts of the split message to control the concatenation.

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Why Should You Use the Unicode Checker?
Removes Unicode characters
The Unicode character detector identifies and removes Unicode characters from your text messages to avoid the overuse of SMS credits and save costs.
Identify the Number of Characters
Our Unicode counter calculates the exact characters in the text message. It is limited to 160 GSM characters and 70 Unicode symbol characters.

Benefits of Using a Unicode Character Detector

Identify the Type of Characters

Our detector can quickly distinguish GSM characters from Unicode symbols in your text messages.

Calculate the Number of Characters

The tool can identify the number of characters in the text message and accordingly determine its segmentation.

Remove Unicode Symbols

After analyzing the text, our detector determines which are the Unicode symbols and proceeds to replace them with GSM characters.

Text Division Control

Our detector sets the character limit of the text message with Unicode symbols. It determines the parts into which it will be split in a preview.
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