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What is Fancy Text Generator?

Voice is critical to communication. Your brand voice helps you relate to your customers and build money-making relationships. Your personal voice brings emotion and personality to your everyday conversations. Most of our interactions happen over text, so how do you infuse words on a screen with voice and personality?The Fancy Text Generator is a free online tool that turns your words into charming, elegant, delightful, professional, fun, or mysterious messages. Type or paste your selection into the tool and choose a font, and you’ll instantly see a preview of your text. Then copy and paste your font where you need it.

Benefits of Using Cool Fonts for Texting

Liven Up the Conversation

Fonts are fun. No matter how dull the conversation, you can jazz it up with a cool font that’s fun to use and fun to read.

Show Your Personality

Conveying tone and personality through text can be a challenge. Enhance and clarify your message with fun and easy fonts.

Engage Your Audience

Brands that show a bit of personality in their content connect more easily with their audience, which is good for business.

Stop Blending In

We’re all bombarded with text throughout the day. Make sure your audience sees you with text that jumps off the page.

When Should You Use Fancy Text Generator?

We’ll admit not all occasions are appropriate for fancy text. You probably shouldn’t send your professor an essay in Brush Script, for example. Just to make sure we don’t get anyone in trouble, here are some examples of when it’s entirely appropriate, nay encouraged, to use the Fancy Text Generator.
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Stop Blending In

Scrolling has become almost involuntary for many of us. Stop those thumbs in midair with a fun and fanciful font that stands out from the endless sea of text.

Friends and Fam

Texting friends and family gives us a sweet break from the everyday grind, and it takes just a few seconds to make those moments even more enjoyable.

Email Marketing

If you’ve tried email marketing, you know how hard it can be to get people to open and actually read things. Pique their interest with snazzy fonts.


Whether you’re chatting with your bestie or launching an SMS/MMS marketing campaign, you can convey a more personal message with Fancy Text Generator.
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