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5 Best Shopping Apps to Buy Anything at a Low Price

Written by Tina
August 12, 2022
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Finding a shopping app for good deals can be a challenge. If you don’t know where to look, any shopping app with a low price scheme looks tempting. However, with some careful research, it’s possible to find surprisingly inexpensive products.

In this article, we’ll look at the 5 best shopping apps that offer good discounts on a wide range of products.

Where Can I Find Cheap Shopping Apps?

There are 2 main routes to finding a low-price shopping app. The first is to download directly from a company’s website, such as through a link or QR code.

The second is to download their app directly from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Note, however, that not all apps are available on both. Apps from mainstream companies like Etsy and Amazon will be, but more niche options, such as clothing rental or independent brands, may not support apps on both iOS and Android.

Unsurprisingly, the easiest thing to do is to find the shopping app you want and check whether it’s on your relevant app store.

5 Best Shopping Apps for Low Price Products

The list below is by no means exhaustive, but we’ve selected the best shopping app at a low price for each major category. As such, it should be a good place to start.

1. AliExpress for Wholesale

AliExpress will mainly appeal to businesses, as it focuses on wholesale products. Think of it like Amazon or eBay but for bulk purchases. In fact, if you’re familiar with products on Amazon, you might notice a lot of them showing up on AliExpress.

It’s one of the more useful shopping apps for clothes, tech, and accessories. Unsurprisingly, you can’t get groceries on it, though.

2. NewEgg for Electronics

NewEgg is a shopping app mainly focusing on electronics and tech. It stocks a wide range of products at comparatively low prices. This is because it buys in bulk and has no physical infrastructure, meaning it can keep costs down.

But, much like Amazon, it also has a reseller service, allowing you to buy secondhand products. Doing so may or may not save you money compared to buying them new, though.

3. Overstock for Furniture

Overstock is a shopping app for furniture. While furniture may not be the same kind of regular purchase as clothing or tech, its higher price means it’s worth hunting down a good deal when you do need to buy it.

You’ll find a wide range of products here, from sofas and tables to outdoor products and even kitchen and bathroom fittings. There are always discounts and flash sales running, so make sure you keep checking back.

4. Bonanza for Apparel

Bonanza is a clothing-focused app that works much like Etsy and Amazon. Rather than a single company selling on the site, users set up profiles to market their products. These can be new and designer or secondhand or wholesale.

In 2016, Bonanza was named among the best shopping apps for clothes, but it also sells homeware, beauty products, and collectibles. You should consider checking it for deals on these items before looking at more mainstream sites, as Bonanza has been voted the best alternative to Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

5. DealCatcher for the Best Deals

DealCatcher is a different angle on the shopping app low price idea. Rather than simply being a site that offers deals on products, it’s an aggregate service. This means it combs other low-cost websites for the best deals on offer.

For example, it’ll show you current discounts on Amazon products, but you can also search on companies like Walmart, Kohl’s, and Groupon. This is a big help considering there isn’t a good low-cost shopping app for grocery.

5 Tips to Get Low Price Products from Shopping Apps

Along with using the apps suggested above, there are other ways to find good deals online. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

  1. Install a browser extension like Honey. When you visit a website (on your computer), the extension checks for discount codes. If you’re planning to buy something anyway, you might as well get a discount on it.
  2. Choose the right time to shop. While events like Black Friday seem like the best time to shop, they’re not. Instead, end-of-season sales are better because the prices aren’t pre-inflated.
  3. Clear your browser history before shopping. This, combined with other methods such as private browsing and VPNs, can help avoid price gouging based on your search history and area.
  4. Take advantage of price matching. Major retailers offer competitor price matching, even in their shopping app. Search a few to find the lowest price and then choose whichever store offers the best shopping options.
  5. Let an item sit in your cart for a while. Retailers hate cart abandonment (when you put something in your cart and leave). To avoid it, they’ll often send you a discount code, so why not use it?

How Can I Protect My Privacy on Shopping Apps?

Although shopping apps are usually fairly secure, there can be issues with them passing your data onto other companies. Similarly, a data breach means your information could be stolen. So, here’s how to stay safe when using a shopping app:

  • Don’t use your personal email and phone number. If possible, have a burner account specifically for when you shop online sites.
  • Change app permissions, including staying signed in, location permissions, etc. The app doesn’t need to know anything other than when you’re logged in.
  • Use a second phone number for registration and verification. Again, companies may pass your data on or spam you with unnecessary information.

Use Textr Go to Protect Your Privacy

Rather than buying a new phone plan for online shopping, use Textr Go to protect your privacy. It gives you a free US or CA phone number and unlimited texting and calling. Also, you can manage multiple phone numbers from a single app.

Textr Go is coming soon, but until then, give Textr Team a try for business operations. It helps streamline communications in small businesses and startups. Download today on Android, iOS, and web browser.

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