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2023 Buyer Guide for International Travel SIM Cards

January 6, 2023
By Textr Marketing Team
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How’s your Christmas holiday? Every time I asked my friends about what’s your 2023 planning? No one would miss the answer of travel. International travel is a pretty good idea in 2023. However, international phone usage can be expensive. I recommend you to use a travel sim card with an international roaming plan that can help you save money.

International SIM Cards or Local SIM Cards?

International sim cards are a great option for travelers, as they offer secure networks and the ability to avoid extra fees. By using a travel sim or prepaid travel card, you can choose from different network providers depending on your needs and preferences.

So, what’s the difference between international sim cards and local sim cards?

The answer is when you are using an eSIM, it allows you to use mobile data when you are traveling abroad. So, You can connect to the local internet to avoid high international roaming fees. 

With an eSIM card, you can also download apps and access emails without needing to purchase a physical card. With less risk of being overcharged or losing service due to running out of credit, using an international sim card is ideal for anyone who travels abroad.

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Tell Me The Type Of Traveler You Are?


The various types of travelers each have their unique styles while exploring new destinations. If the idea of traveling intrigues you, then below is the list of the various types of travelers. For different types of traveler, you need different kinds of eSIM data plans.


Adventure travelers


Adventure travelers are travelers that defy the notion of vacationers and choose to travel in order to explore new destinations and places in any possible chance that they get. Adventure travelers are the ones who enjoy going on trips and holidays in natural environments or remote locations for the specific purpose of engaging in physical activity and exploring new experiences. While some travelers are on a quest to find their soul, some others travel to experience different cultures, and some others have adventure as their motivation to travel.


For some, a single destination may be the place for self-discovery, whereas for others, traveling to a single destination is similar to expanding one's cultural horizons or pursuing culinary adventures. Traveling, for people of this traveling personality, is a transformative experience, a voyage of self-discovery, a means to discover one's identity and the purpose of one's life.

Cultural travelers


Cultural travelers enjoy learning all about the cultures of people in places that they visit. City lovers continue their sightseeing journeys, holding a tourist map to ensure they do not miss out on any must-see attractions of the specific destination. If you are that type of traveler that appreciates the people, the natural surroundings, and cultural experiences, then you are definitely a culture-seeker.


Cultural travelers love to see all of the religious things a destination has, like churches, cathedrals, mosques, etc. A gourmand does not have specific types of activities they love, only that they want to sample what a destination has to offer. While this type of traveler is usually associated with backpackers, they are generally young, well-off individuals (usually fresh out of grad school or university) that want to experience something completely new, with the added benefit of being far away from home for an extended period.


Group types of Travelers


Group types of travelers choose to go on trips with large groups, and they also utilize organized tours rather than planning their own trips. Followers depend on others to plan their holidays, then navigate their way to their destinations, wanting to (almost literally) get carried away with the travel experience. A picky kind of traveler, this type tends to want things exactly right (and tends to favor places that look very similar to home).


These types of travelers may be seen walking around holding a "lonely planet" in their hands, jumping from one tourism site to another. These types of travelers would love exploring places in Southeast Asia, where they could experience various temples, monuments, and natural wonders.

Choose a suitable eSIM for your types of travel

eSIM is an electronic, embedded SIM that offers ultra-affordable, 4G/LTE-speed international data roaming services, without having to carry around a physical SIM card inside your phone. 

The eSIM is an easy solution for getting international data without incurring excessive fees from some carriers, or having the hassle of finding the physical SIM at your destination. Instead of buying a new physical SIM in each new country, you can purchase a plan that gives you coverage across more countries using an eSIM.   

Get Regional Data Plan Easier

If you know that you are going to only be in a single country during the whole trip, you could simply purchase the local eSIM card for that country. If you cannot find a solution that matches a single country, you can choose a regional data plan which may cover your destinations. Also, downloading and activating an eSIM is a lot faster than physically going to the store and buying a new SIM everywhere you land. Since all phones that come with an eSIM now also come with a physical SIM card slot, many travelers' best way to make use of their embedded SIM card might actually be back at home.   

A Secondary SIM without Physical Card

When we are talking about how eSIMs can work for travelers, we are generally talking about a scenario in which an eSIM would be purchased as a secondary SIM, used solely for gaining access to mobile data overseas, while on the road. Basically, your international SIM card will connect to a local network in the country where you are traveling...consensually, of course. Local SIMs are the best way to keep connected internationally, as you will usually get better rates and/or speeds than you would while roaming, as well as having a local number that people can call you.    

eSIM-Compatible Phones 

eSIM are available for purchase prior to the start of the trip, but making sure you are able to load an eSIM if your phone is compatible. You can check if your devices are available for eSIM here. If you are taking the iPhone 14 that you bought within the US to use while traveling internationally, you will need to bring the local eSIM. That dual-SIM nature also means you can look up international data plans ahead of time - and set up one that you bought before you go - rather than waiting to reach your destination.

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