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A Quick Guide for Luxury Nails Beginners

October 12, 2022
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Luxury nails are a great way to get pampered. Better yet, the finished product is perfect for finishing an outfit or accessorizing for a particular season. However, finding the best luxury nail salon for the look you want can be surprisingly difficult.

Let’s take a look at what we mean by luxury nails and how you can find the next luxury nails and spa in your area.

What are Luxury Nails?

Luxury nails are also known as a luxury manicure and pedicure. In short, it’s when you get something done to your nails that goes beyond standard grooming. While you could paint your nails at home, a luxury nail salon gives you the full works. This could include cuticles, moisturizer, and more.

A manicure is done to your hands, whereas a pedicure is done to your feet. The advantages for both are the same. Luxury nails can:

  • Help with any skin problems around your nails, such as broken skin
  • Strengthen and clean your nails
  • Use massaging to improve blood flow to your hands or feet
  • Improve the texture of your nails and skin

So, luxury nails go well beyond nail decoration. The process can improve your skin and nail health and help you relax.

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Different Kinds of Luxury Nails

When you go to a luxury nail salon, you can choose from a wide range of types. These include:

Basic: Your nails are trimmed, buffed and shaped. You’ll get a hand massage and they’ll finish with paint. This is perfect for beginners who want to experience the full treatment.

French: French tips are when your nails are painted a neutral color (such as pink) and the tips are painted white. It’s a simple yet elegant nail finish.

Acrylic: Rather than being a manicure technique, acrylic is a type of nail. The nail technician mixes acrylic and then shapes it over your real nails. They can be any color and shape you want, so are popular for people who want extensions or interesting shapes.

Gel: Gel (also known as shellac) is a type of nail polish rather than a manicure technique. Gel polish is very tough and is used in place of traditional polish. It’s cured under a UV lamp and is difficult to chip. This makes it suitable for people who are worried about damaging their manicure.

Dip Powder: This is a simple one to explain. Your nails are coated in glue and then dipped in powder rather than using liquid polish. It gives a rougher texture (which some people like).

American: An American finish is very similar to French tips. The main different is that the tip and nail color are blended for a more natural finish. It’s a good option for those who want something more subtle than the striking tips on a French manicure.

Paraffin: Paraffin is a manicure technique for dry and cracked skin. Simply put, your hands are soaked in melted wax before being massaged. It helps to deeply moisturize your skin, and your nails can then be finished with polish if you choose.

How Can I Find Luxury Nails and Spa Locations?

Thanks to changes in luxury nails technology, there are plenty of ways to get your nails done. However, this can make finding the best luxury nails and spa technicians quite difficult.

Obviously, the first option is to search “nails near me” or “spa and nails near me” on Google. This can be useful if you want to find an established luxury nail salon in your city, but there are other ways to find them.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of finding independent or mobile nail technicians, as they often do most of their work through Facebook or Instagram. The benefit of using these platforms is that you can see their work and read customer reviews.

It’s pretty easy to search on Facebook or Instagram. You won’t need to use terms like “nails near me” because social platforms will typically prioritize pages close to your location.

Google Maps

Google Maps goes beyond the type of usability you get on the standard search engine. In the Maps app, if you search something like “spa and nails near me” with your location enabled, it’ll show you nail salons on the map.

Doing it this way means you can visualize where luxury nails and spa are in relation to you, and you can also get directions. This is helpful if you’re away from home, as it can help you decide which salon is best.

How to Choose the Best Luxury Nail Salon

Choosing the best luxury nail salon can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the world of luxury nails. Price should be fairly low down on the list of factors, so make sure you consider the following first:

  • Customer reviews. Do previous customers like them? Can you see evidence of repeat business? This is usually a good sign.
  • Hygiene. While you’re “only” getting your nails done, cleanliness is vital in any kind of beauty salon. Check if equipment and stations are clean, and don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Customer service. Again, customer reviews are helpful for this. See if the business has responded to reviews (particularly negative ones) to see how they handle them.
  • Luxury nail options. Decide what sort of nails you want and see whether a salon offers that option. Most will do the basics, but you might have to search around for advanced techniques.
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