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Be Sure to Know These Before Buying Luxury Motors

December 14, 2022
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Luxury motors can be a big investment. Although they can cost a lot of money, it’s arguably worth it for the quality and longevity they offer.

But it’s necessary to know what you’re doing before buying luxury motors. Here are the most important things to consider.

What Are Luxury Motors?

What do we mean by luxury motors? In short, a luxury motor offers a higher level of comfort and driving quality than a normal car. Granted, this is quite difficult to define, but it’s much easier to understand when you look at some of the makers of luxury cars.

Some features that define luxury motors include:

  • Interiors made from high-end materials (leather, wood, etc.)
  • Front engine, real-wheel drive – this is more expensive to produce than other layouts
  • Alloy wheels
  • Unnecessary comfort features: DVD players, umbrellas, minibar, etc.
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What Types of Luxury Motors Are There?

You can find luxury cars in pretty much any type. For example, high-end manufacturers will make sedans, coupes, estates, SUVs, and more. Some luxury car brands include:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley
  • Porsche
  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Bugatti

The lower end of luxury car brands includes names like BMW, Audi, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz. We might not consider these to be luxury because they’re more common on the roads than the brands mentioned above. However, they’re more expensive and offer greater comfort features than brands like Ford, Lincoln, etc.

That’s not to say these brands don’t make luxury cars, but it’s not their focus. Instead, they make more affordable lines for the standard consumer who wants a practical car, rather than a status symbol.

Luxury Motors Test Drive Checklist: 5 Things to Look For

If you’re in the market for a luxury motor, you might want to start by searching, “car shows near me”. You could also search on sites like car nation if you’re looking for a pre-owned model.

Whether you decide to go for a new or pre-owned luxury motor, there are some important things to look out for on your test drive. Here are 5:

1. Handling

Luxury motors usually have powerful engines and fast acceleration speeds. While this might sound great, they make driving the car more difficult. Also, consider how often you’ll get to utilize these greater speeds and acceleration times. Granted, you might not be able to go full speed ever, but it won’t really be worth buying a luxury motor just to travel a few miles to work.

The point of a test drive is to see how you get on with a potential new car. Make sure you’re confident handling what the luxury motor has to offer so it doesn’t take you by surprise once you’re driving it properly.

2. Value

To put it bluntly, luxury motors generally aren’t good value for money. But that’s not why most people buy them. If you wanted good value for money, you’d be looking at a brand like Cadillac or Ford.

However, you must still consider whether a luxury motor is worth the investment, and how it’ll depreciate in value over time. All cars do, but it’s most obvious with luxury motors. Within 4 years, you can expect its value to have gone down by at least 60%.

3. Practicality

Again, luxury motors aren’t meant to be practical. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t meet your needs. For example, if a luxury car is going to be your only vehicle, it still needs trunk space and accessible rear seats (if you have kids).

Luckily, plenty of luxury car brands now make SUVs and other more practical models. Make sure you’re realistic with your needs. The last thing you want is to realize a car isn’t practical and to return it at a big loss.

4. Model Reviews

Make sure you do some market research before driving a luxury motor. Some models look great but handle really badly. However, for something like a Porsche, you can be pretty confident in the brand’s consistency.

5. Seller’s Credentials

Regardless of whether you’re buying a new or used luxury motor, you need to be confident in the seller’s credentials. This is easy enough if you’re buying from a dealership, but always be wary of buying a luxury motor from a private seller.

How to Find Car Wrap Near Me

Lots of luxury motor owners like to get their vehicles wrapped. This is when you get a workshop to apply a vinyl coating to the vehicle to change its color. It’s much easier than repainting the car, and means you can change the color more regularly.

To find a suitable workshop, start by searching, “car wrap near me”. Google will then give you a list of options, and you should then look at their reviews. Next, contact the workshop and ask if they’ve worked with your type of luxury car before. It’s always a good thing if they have, as it means they’re familiar with the shape and how to wrap it.

Is Electric Cars the Future?

Even when talking about luxury motors, we must still ask, is electric cars the future? The short answer is yes. The US government plans to end the sale of gas vehicles by 2035. This doesn’t mean you need an electric car by then, but means any purchase you make within the next 10 years will likely be your last gas-powered cars.

Luckily, luxury car brands are already moving into this space. An obvious example is Tesla, but brands like Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi and more already have electric vehicles on the market.

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