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Is eSIM Free to Use?

August 10, 2022
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Finding a free eSIM service online isn’t too challenging, although it depends on your exact needs. Also, you might not get the same plan options as you would with a paid eSIM service.

In this article, we’ll cover what we mean by a free eSIM service and how to get one.

Can I Get a Free eSIM?

Technically, if your phone contains an eSIM, you’ve got one for free. Unlike a physical SIM card, a plan isn’t tied to a specific eSIM. So, the more important question is whether you can get a free eSIM online that actually comes with a service.

The short answer is yes. Numerous providers offer a free eSIM service, and others offer a free eSIM trial. You can download an eSIM profile onto your phone and then pay for data plans based on what you need.

It might not sound like a free service, but it’s potentially a more cost-effective option than getting a physical SIM card data plan. The important distinction is that downloading the eSIM profile itself is free, which isn’t usually an option you get with a physical SIM card.

Traditional SIMs cost money in the sense that they’re assigned to a plan. Therefore, you can install one and use what you need like you can with a free eSIM service

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Choosing an eSIM Plan Depends on Your Needs

When you start looking at these eSIM free service plans, you should notice a bit more flexibility than you might be used to. For example, a monthly plan from a standard carrier often ties you into a 12-month package with a set data allowance.

A free eSIM online plan, however, might offer daily or weekly rolling plans, or a monthly plan that you can just stop paying for. As such, you should consider the following:

  • How much data you need. This is an obvious place to start and will depend on what you use the phone for. Look at your historical data usage for a rough idea.
  • How long you want that data. This’ll determine the length of the plan you need. For example, if you’re traveling, a weekly plan might be the best idea.
  • The average cost of mobile data in an area. Some areas and countries have much more expensive data usage than others. Knowing this information can help you choose the most cost-effective plan.

It’s not particularly difficult to find the answers to these factors. Doing so will help you figure out which eSIM free trial will be best for your needs.

Can I Get a Free eSIM Online?

The first step is to check whether wireless carriers in your country offer cellular plans on an eSIM. Apple has a comprehensive list of national carriers, but there are plenty of online-only companies that offer international eSIM plans too.

Although you can buy a free eSIM iPhone profile in a carrier’s physical store, there’s no need. All they’re selling you is a piece of card with a code on it. So, getting a free eSIM online is a much more sensible option. There are 3 main ways to do this:

QR Code

This is the most popular option for “physical” eSIMs, but you can do it online too. You scan a QR code on your phone and it opens a download link. From there, you follow the steps to set up the eSIM profile on your phone.

Carrier App

If your desired carrier has an app, you could use it to access the download link. It works exactly the same as the QR code, except it’s just a different way of getting the link.

Install an Assigned Cellular Plan

To install a free eSIM service, you need a download notification from the carrier. Providing you’re connected to the internet, it’ll pop up on your phone. As with the other options, you just click the link and follow the steps.

Does Free eSIM Include a Phone Number?

Not all eSIM plans come with a phone number, particularly those that are an eSIM free trial or free eSIM service. This might seem counter-intuitive, but not every network plan needs a dedicated phone number. Why is this?

The most common reason for a data-only eSIM plan is that it’s not being used in a phone. You can set up a data plan in a smartwatch, tablet, or laptop using an eSIM. For example, you might want to use your laptop for work while traveling, and a data-only eSIM saves you from connecting to your phone’s hotspot.

Also, you could set up a data-only plan in an old phone that doesn’t need a number. This could be helpful for traveling, where you’ll likely do all your communication through data-based apps.

Finally, you might just not want to pay for a monthly network plan. If you’ve paid off your original plan and have an unlocked phone, a free eSIM service gives you flexibility to use what you want when you need it.

This is ideal for traveling, as you can avoid roaming charges and only buy data when you need it. But it’s also useful for staying put. For example, if you’ve got Wi-Fi in your home and office, you only realistically need data for when you’re not in those places. It can therefore save you money compared to a standard monthly plan.

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