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The Hottest Travel Gifts for Couples on Social Media

January 25, 2023
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Travel gifts for couples on social media are a great way to help them expand their page and get noticed by travel-focused pages. But aside from the actual trip itself, what makes good travel gifts for couples?

That’s what we’ll look at below. You’ll find out some of the hottest travel gifts and how to arrange a couple’s vacation that’ll look great on the ‘gram!

What to Get a Couple that Likes to Travel?

 As you probably know, social media is full of trends. Currently, the gifts trending for traveling couples include: 

·  Travel tokens. These can be anything from keychains to engraved items commemorating different places a couple visits on their travels.

·  Scratch map. This is simply a map of the world where you scratch off countries as you visit them.

·  Travel notebook. A notebook probably doesn’t need much explanation, but it’s ideal for recording itineraries. Just make sure it photographs well!

Of course, if you’re looking for unique gifts, spend some time browsing the couple’s social media pages to do some research. The most important point for travel gifts for couples, especially those for social media, is that they look good in photos.

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What are the Best Affordable Romantic Getaways in the USA?

There are plenty of affordable romantic getaways in USA. To find the best deals, make sure you plan well in advance to take advantage of prices. Generally, secluded romantic getaways USA don’t need to cost much, although this obviously depends on what you’re looking for.

Some great suggestions include: 

Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah is a stereotypical Southern city, but in the best way. There are plenty of photographable spots, such as Forsyth Park. Plus, if you fancy something interesting, ghost hunting is big in the area.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Around 80 miles northwest of Portland is Cannon Beach. It’s got some amazing scenery and great romantic hotels and restaurants. Cannon Beach is one of the best low-budget vacation ideas for couples because it’s full of art galleries and other free things. 

Sonoma, California 

Although California is generally an expensive state, Sonoma, a county in the north, is surprisingly cheap. It’s up there with the best affordable romantic getaways in USA because it’s full of wineries! There are few things more romantic than driving through vineyards and going wine tasting.

Finally, you could consider hopping over the border into Canada for a romantic weekend. There are plenty of amazing places not too far from the border, so there’s no need to spend loads of money traveling. You can learn more about US-CA border crossing tips here.

How to Prepare for a Wonderful Couple’s Trip

Secluded romantic getaways USA for couples should, more than anything, be relaxing. Of course, you’ll need to get a few great shots for social media, too, but your focus should be on enjoying yourselves. As such, make sure you balance your private and social time properly, as a couple’s trip is primarily about the couple.

Also, make sure you consider the following tips for safe travel USA: 

·  Keep digital copies of your documents. This is a no-brainer, but make sure you’ve copies of things like passports and insurance documents if you needed them to travel.

·  Don’t look like tourists. It can be difficult to look like locals if you’re loaded up with bags and cameras, but try not to stand out as tourists. Doing so can make you a target for scams and other issues.

·  Keep in contact with family. Whether you’re traveling internationally or domestically, make sure you check in with friends and family regularly so they know where you are and what you’re doing.

·  Be responsible with your belongings. This is another no-brainer, but make sure you keep track of your expensive possessions. Ideally, find a hotel with a safe in the room.

Traveling should be fun, so make sure you plan your trip properly to avoid stressing about potential issues. 

How to Create Unique Travel Gifts

Unique travel gifts for couples don’t always have to cost money. For example, if you’re thinking of a gift for your partner, and you both like traveling, you’ve got plenty of options for making your next trip more enjoyable.

Start by doing some research on social media. Specifically, see what’s happening in the couples’ travel community. Some good pages to follow include: 

·  Couplestravelco


·  Ct_aroundtheworld

After you’ve got some ideas, another good starting place is learning how to take pictures. Look at the social pages above and start understanding composition and framing. There are some great images on those pages that could teach you a lot about photography.

Then there’s an obvious follow-up of learning how to dress for social media. It might sound a bit much, but curating an outfit for a photo is pretty common, especially if you want to stand out against a background.

Once you’re on your trip, find out some local spots for taking great photos. Tourist-focused spots will be pretty busy, but speaking to locals should help you find more hidden gems.

Finally, once you’ve got your content, get yourself some editing and production apps. For video production, some great options include Mojo, Vlog Star and Lightcut. These allow you to edit on the go, so you can post your content whenever.

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