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The Secret for Getting a Chinese VPN for Free

February 1, 2023
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

If you plan to travel to or live in China, you’ll need Chinese VPNs to access content from other countries. Without a VPN, you’ll be drastically restricted in what you sites you can visit once you’re in the country.

In this article, we’ll look at the best VPN for China and how to save yourself some money when setting it up.

Why Do You Need a VPN in China?

Simply put, Chinese internet access is state owned. The Chinese government has put a wide range of restrictions on what Western sites you can visit using the internet in China. By extension, internet use is monitored, which has implications for your online privacy. Luckily, this is something a VPN can solve.

Another obvious issue that a VPN can solve is using streaming sites, such as Netflix. While it’s blocked in China regardless, a VPN allows you to access region-locked content wherever you are in the world.

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Is VPN Illegal in China?

Based on how closely the government monitors internet use, it’s fair to ask, is VPN in China illegal?

The short answer is that VPNs aren’t fully illegal in China. However, the government has stated who can use a VPN in the country and what you can actually use it for. Some VPN services are banned in the country, but you can still access plenty.

Importantly, you must download a Chinese VPN before you get to the country. The ones you can get once there are monitored by the government. To receive approval, the VPN provider must give the government backdoor access. Unsurprisingly, this completely negates the point of a VPN.

In terms of who can use VPNs and when, it’s fine for expats and travelers to use a VPN to access content from their home country. However, the Chinese government is very strict on dissention and anti-government content, so be very careful about what sites you visit.

Which VPN Server Works in China?

When it comes to Chinese VPNs, knowing which work and which offer the best service is important. If you already know about VPNs, it’ll come as no surprise that the following are good options for the best VPN for China.


NordVPN is a popular option across the world, and it works well in China. It offers high data speeds and plenty of worldwide servers. Better yet, it’s not too expensive.


ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive than NordVPN, but some users claim it’s a better option for China. There are options for both mobile devices and computers, so you shouldn’t have an option finding the right one to use as Chinese VPNs.


Surfshark is another well-known option for Chinese VPNs. As with the others listed above, you do have to pay, but it’s not expensive and the plan allows you to use it on unlimited devices. This makes it a good option if you’re a tech-heavy traveler.

Which VPN Can Connect to China for Free?

Although VPNs generally aren’t expensive, the costs can start to add up once you factor in multiple devices or accounts. So, is there an option for a free VPN China?

Yes, Textr eSIM. It’s the best VPN for China because you don’t actually need to download a VPN app to use once you’re in the country. Instead, you buy an eSIM and choose the Asia-Pacific Plus data plan from Textr. As the name suggests, this gives you SIM coverage in Asia but doesn’t lock you into a local network.

After you download the eSIM profile on your phone, simply set it up and activate it in China. It gives you the same benefits as a VPN China server free, but without having to use an extra app.

One benefit of this is that it doesn’t matter if you wait until you’re in China to set it up. A VPN app, on the other hand, usually can’t be downloaded in China because the country puts restrictions on them. This is especially true considering you’d have to use Chinese internet to download the app!

Textr eSIM Includes VPN for Unrestricted Browsing

Textr eSIM comes with VPN functionality built in, so you don’t have to worry about downloading other apps or switching between countries as needed. With the Textr eSIM app, you can browse the following websites and use the following apps: 

·  BBC

·  CNN

·  Facebook and Messenger

·  Gmail

·  Google Apps (Calendar, Docs, Maps, etc.)

·  Wikipedia

·  Instagram

·  OneDrive

·  Pinterest

·  Twitter

·  Spotify

·  Wall Street Journal

·  New York Times

·  WhatsApp

·  YouTube

·  Snapchat

·  Twitch

·  Slack

These might sound like sites and apps we take for granted, but they’re all banned or heavily restricted in China. Of course, another benefit of using Chinese VPNs is that they protect your privacy, which is also true of Textr eSIM.

With our eSIM plan, you don’t have to worry about compromising personal information, which can happen whenever you use public WiFi, regardless of what the country’s monitoring rules are.

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Get Textr eSIM for Traveling in China

Textr eSIM is the best option for short-term travel in China, and is even better if you plan to visit several Asian countries on the same trip. There’s no need to change SIM cards as you move between countries. Instead, you just have one eSIM and data plan, which you can use in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and more.

It's an ideal option for any kind of travel in Asia, whether you’re going for business, a family vacation, or backpacking. When you’ve got a lot going on, the last thing you want to think about is setting up a new SIM card on your phone.

Textr eSIM has plans for other regions, and we’re updating our options all the time. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest news and offers. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make sure you download the Textr eSIM app today to see how much easier it can make short-term international travel.

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