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Things to Do in the Caribbean for Honeymoon 2023

December 30, 2022
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Going to the Caribbean for honeymoon is a great choice. However, the variety of places and activities can make it a bit overwhelming, especially if you want to see all the great sites.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best things to do on a honeymoon in the Caribbean in 2023. Of course, it won’t cover everything, but it should serve as a good starting point.

Looking for Budget Travel Destinations?

If you’re after a budget honeymoon that still feels luxurious, the Caribbean is a great place to go. Caribbean all inclusive resorts are ideal for saving money, as you can essentially eat and drink for free during your trip. Of course, it’s worth looking for a Caribbean restaurant or two, as the food is pretty amazing.

For Canadians and New Yorkers, a cruise from Baltimore is also a good choice. It’s surprisingly inexpensive to travel from Baltimore, and a Caribbean cruise is ideal for getting a taste of different places.

Finally, a honeymoon in Puerto Rico can be an inexpensive yet fun trip. After all, Puerto Rico is a US territory, meaning you don’t need to worry about currency exchange but can still enjoy a taste of the Caribbean.

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Travel Across the Caribbean Seas

Whether you decide to go to Puerto Rico or not, a cruise from Baltimore is ideal for enjoying different island nations. It’s perfect for seeing the Caribbean for honeymoon because you can visit loads of different islands in the same trip.

Some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean include:

·   St. Lucia

·   Turks & Caicos

·   St. Vincent and The Grenadines

·   Barbados

·   Cayman Islands

·   Curacao

·   Jamaica

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Caribbean destinations, but most cruises should visit a few of them.

Treasure Hunt All Caribbean Stores Near Me

While on your honeymoon, it’s fair to assume you’ll probably go shopping. Puerto Rico is a great option for honeymoon shopping because it’s got all kinds of malls and local markets. One option is to search “Caribbean store near me” when at your destination. Another option is to check out this list below as a starting point.

The Mall of San Juan

This mall is Puerto Rico’s designer shopping mall where you’ll find all its high-end stores. It’s very new and modern, making it a great place to start your honeymoon shopping trip.

Plaza del Caribe

The Plaza is in Ponce, around an hour’s drive away from San Juan. It’s quite an Americanized mall, which may or may not be a good thing. Among its 130 stores, you’ll find recognizable brands like Macy’s, JCPenney and Sears.

Plaza Las Americas

This is the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean, so should probably be a stop on your honeymoon tour. It features more than 300 stores and is an impressive sight in its own right, regardless of how you feel about shopping.

Search for All the Great Honeymoon Caribbean Restaurants

Another must on a honeymoon is going out to eat. Luckily, you won’t struggle to find a Caribbean restaurant in the Caribbean! In Puerto Rico, for example, you’ll find plenty of traditional food outlets and more modern restaurants. But don’t forget to visit some rum distilleries, as this is pretty traditional too.

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding a restaurant to your liking and budget. One of the fanciest is Brass Boer on Curacao. It’s a 3 Michelin star restaurant that serves modern Caribbean food. Expect a long waiting list, so make sure you book early!

Of course, the type of food you want will determine the Caribbean restaurant you visit. Local and traditional food should be the easiest to find, and you shouldn’t even need to check a list for the best options. Consider asking locals or employees at your hotel because they should have some good information.

Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts for Honeymoon

While a cruise is a great option for somewhere like the Caribbean, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Instead, look for Caribbean all inclusive resorts, as they make a great base of operations for exploring the wider area.

If you’re looking for a hotel for your honeymoon, consider spending a bit more than you normally would. After all, it’s not every day you go on your honeymoon. As with restaurants, the specific options will depend on the island you want to visit or the kind of experience you want from your hotel.

Some great options include:


·  Rosewood Le Guanahani on St. Barth

·  Zemi Beach House, Anguilla

·  Azul Beach Resort Negril, Jamaica

·  Sandy Lane, Barbados


You’ll find plenty of lists online for Caribbean all inclusive resorts for honeymoon. The best way to narrow it down is to start by thinking about which islands you’d like to visit. Alternatively, go the opposite way and decide which hotel appeals the most. It shouldn’t be difficult to have an amazing honeymoon in the Caribbean regardless of which island you stay on.

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