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What Are the Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel?

September 14, 2022
By Textr Marketing Team
5 Mins Read

Travel with job is incredibly appealing. Of course, there are lots of considerations when picking a job that requires you to travel.

But what jobs require traveling? Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most popular, along with the pros and cons of choosing to travel with job.

Should I Quit My Job to Travel the World?

There’s no single answer as to whether you should quit your job to travel the world. On the one hand, it means you can explore places without any responsibility. But this requires money, which you need a job for.

In our age of internet connectivity, there are plenty of ways to become a digital nomad. This is someone who travels around but still works because their job can be done online. Good examples include freelancers, marketers, and so on.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to travel the world without a job. Money aside, these could include family, future plans, financial commitments, etc.

The bottom line is that traveling the world without a job is a financial drain because you’re spending money and not making any to replace it. However, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to travel, giving you the best of both worlds.

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What Jobs Allow You to Travel?

So, how to travel with job? The answer is a surprising number of careers let you travel with job. For example, working for an international corporation may require traveling to meetings, and being an academic may require job travels to conferences.

But here are some of the more interesting options where job travels are more of a requirement than a bonus.

English Teacher

We can make a case for this being true of any major language, although English is the most obvious choice. Teaching English as a second language (TESL) is a great way to travel with job security. After all, it’s the most spoken language in the world, and plenty of countries have ESL programs.


While these aren’t jobs that require traveling, they can be done anywhere that has an internet connection. They’re some of the best examples of digital nomad careers because, providing you have a laptop, you’re pretty much sorted.

Training Specialist

Although this is more of a niche career path, it can be a very well-paid one. If you want a job to travel, you could do a lot worse than a training specialist. Of course, you’ll need very in-depth knowledge on an in-demand topic, and you’ll probably need some kind of accreditation.


Working as a photographer is one of the best ways to travel with job. However, you’ll need to be an established name in your niche, as it’s a very competitive field. Providing you have a good portfolio, though, you could travel the world taking pictures for clients.

What are the Benefits of Traveling with a Job?

Choosing a job to travel the world can be a great way of experiencing different countries. Along with the obvious advantage of traveling while earning money, here are some other benefits.

1. You can gain new skills

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that different countries do things differently. Working with people from different cultures can be a great way to expand your technical skills, which you can then carry to other jobs in the future.

2. It looks good on your resume

CV benefits should be the main reason to choose a job to travel the world, it can give you an edge in a competitive field. If nothing else, it shows you’re adaptable, and gives you interesting talking points during interviews.

3. It improves your network

Networking is a big buzz word in some industries. Unsurprisingly, traveling with your job helps you expand your network, which can come in handy in the future. Whether it’s for job opportunities or simply advice, having a network of people from different countries is helpful.

4. It gives you experience

Job experience aside, traveling is useful real-world experience. All the benefits above feed into this and can help you become a more well-rounded individual.

What are the Potential Concerns if Jobs Require Traveling?

Of course, this isn’t a one-sided decision. There are some potential concerns if jobs require traveling, including:

1. It’s expensive

No matter which way you look at it, traveling is expensive. You’ll need accommodation, visas, food, equipment, and so on. This isn’t as much of an issue if your company is paying for it, but is a vital factor if you’re funding your own travels.

2. It can be tiring

Depending on how often you move around, traveling for work can be pretty tiring. Jet lag can knock several days off each trip, and you might never find somewhere you can truly relax as you would at home. Plus, there’s the mental fatigue of languages, cultures, and simply traveling.

3. You can go a long time without seeing friends and family

Again, this depends on how often you travel, but you might go a long time without seeing people back home. Having an international phone plan helps, of course.

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How to Prepare When You Have a Business Trip

As part of your trip planner, make sure you set up an eSIM to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s helpful for short-term business trips and longer job travels.

Textr’s eSIM service is specifically tailored to international travel, giving you simple, accessible plans. Our eSIM plans are available at a much lower cost than standard carriers. The data plans cover over 120 countries with stable, high-speed 4G that’s perfect for job travels. The service is launching in November 2022.

Also, use Textr Team as part of your trip planner. It offers unlimited texts and high quality call minutes, and features separate business and personal numbers. Plus, you can sync across multiple devices so you never miss a message.

If this sounds perfect for your job travels, sign up for early access by submitting your email here.

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