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Choosing a UK eSIM Providers: Top Options for Traveler

Written by Marketing Team
May 17, 2024
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eSIM technology provides a hassle-free way for travelers to connect to local cellular networks without the need for a physical SIM card. If you're traveling to the UK and looking to stay connected, you're exploring the right technology.

Does the UK Support eSIM?

Yes, the UK is at the forefront of eSIM technology, with major carriers such as Three, Vodafone, and EE UK offering eSIM services that cater to both residents and visitors. Most travel eSIM providers partner with these local carriers to deliver seamless service.

eSIM Carriers in the UK

Several UK carriers offer eSIM services, each with unique features and network capabilities:

EE UK: With its extensive 4G network and rapidly expanding 5G service, EE is one of the UK’s largest mobile providers, ideal for those seeking fast mobile speeds.

Three: Known for nearly complete 4G coverage (99.8% across the UK) and the fastest 5G network nationwide.

Vodafone: Offers excellent 4G coverage and is actively developing its 5G network, though expansion is slower than EE and Three.

O2: Excels in indoor 4G coverage, reaching 95% of indoor areas, with ongoing enhancements to its 5G network to boost speed and connectivity.

Travel eSIM Providers

Here’s a snapshot of popular travel eSIM options:

Provider Price Length of Days Carriers Features Cons Best For
Textr eSIM USD 2.89/GB Up to 60 Days O2, Three, EE Free 100mb trial, hotspot sharing, reusable eSIM, physical SIM options available, can be used as a hotspot No unlimited data plan in the UK Budget-Conscious Travel
Airalo USD 5/GB Up to 30 Days O2, Three Affordable rates, easy setup TikTok not supported, cannot share data via hotspot Casual Internet Users
Holafly USD 6/Day Up to 90 Days O2, Three, EE Unlimited data, adjustable plan length, share up to 500MB/day Fair Usage Policy applies after reaching data threshold, possible speed reduction Data-Intensive Users (Unlimited Data)

Choosing the Right eSIM

When selecting an eSIM, assess your data needs, the length of your stay, and your device’s compatibility. Consider your planned activities and locations within the UK to find the most suitable provider.

Daily Data Usage Guide

  • Light Users: Around 300-500 MB/day for messaging, emails, and light browsing.
  • Moderate Users: About 1-3 GB/day, likely used for social media, navigation, streaming music, and occasional video watching.
  • Heavy Users: 3-5 GB/day or more, typically for streaming videos, high-bandwidth apps, video calls, and online gaming.

How to Set Up an eSIM in the UK

Step 1: Choose Your Provider

  • Check Compatibility: Confirm your device supports eSIMs.
  • Research: Identify a global eSIM provider that meets your coverage and pricing needs.
  • Purchase: Order the eSIM online, pre-trip or upon arrival in the UK.

Step 2: Activate and Install

  • Activate: Follow your provider’s activation instructions.
  • Install:
    • Scan QR Code: Scan the provided QR code.
    • Add Plan: Navigate to 'Cellular Plans' in your settings and complete the setup.

Claim Your 100MB Free Trial with Textr eSIM

Unlock seamless connectivity in the UK with Textr eSIM. As a welcome offer, new users can enjoy 100MB of data for free to test the waters. If our service meets your needs, continue exploring with our affordable UK data plans at just USD 2.89/GB. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Whether you're a business traveler, a digital nomad, or a tourist on a budget, Textr eSIM provides the convenience and flexibility you need to stay connected without the traditional SIM card hassles. Enhance your travel experience with Textr eSIM and keep connected wherever your journey takes you.

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