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Textr eSIM Referral Program

Written by Marketing Team
February 23, 2023
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Textr eSIM Referral Program

Share Textr eSIM and get rewarded! 

Textr's all about helping you stay connected in international travel with affordable prices. Let your friends and family in on this secret - give them a US$3 discount off and earn US$3 for yourself. Go ahead and share that magical connection!

How to Join Textr eSIM’s Referral Program

Give US$3, Get US$3.

Bring a friend and pocket some cash! Refer your buddies to Textr eSIM, and you'll get US$3 rewards. Plus, give them the gift of savings with US$3 off their first order - everyone wins!

How to Earn Referral Bonus

1. Invite your friends

You will get a referral code or link after you sign up at Textr eSIM. Then, share your referral code or link with your friends. You can share it as much as you want.

2. Your friends redeem the code and purchase data plans

If your friends haven't created an account at Textr eSIM, they have to sign up and then redeem the referral code. If your friends have a Textr eSIM account but haven’t bought any data plans yet, they can also redeem the referral code. Your friends get US$3 off when they purchase any Textr eSIM data plans.

3. You get $3 referral bonus

When your friends redeem the code and purchase any data plans successfully, you will automatically get a US$3 referral bonus. Congratulations! You can use the free bonus on your next purchase.

Referral Program Rules

1. The referrer will automatically get referral code or link when they sign up at Textr eSIM.

2. The referrer will get a referral bonus of US$3 credit when they make qualified referrals to Textr eSIM.

3. The qualified referral means the referral code is successfully redeemed and used for purchasing any Textr eSIM data plans.

4. Each referrer can earn up to US$30 (10 unique qualified referrals) in total referral bonus.

5. The referral code can only be used by referred users who haven’t made their first purchase on Textr eSIM.

6. The referral code has one year validity upon the assignment date. 

7. The referral code cannot be used with other discounts or credits.

Travel over the world with Textr eSIM 

Traveling doesn't have to be a solo journey - so why not bring your friends along for the ride and get rewarded? 

Sign me up and share that magical connection!

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