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A Guide to eSIM for Canadians from Start to Finish

Written by Rebecca
January 19, 2023
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Canadians are increasingly turning to an eSIM every day to replace their legacy physical SIM cards. An eSIM is a virtual SIM card for accessing cellular services by simply downloading the service provider's profile on the device. 

Whether you heard of eSIM or not, here is a complete action guide for any Canadian, who is considering using it on their phones, tablets or laptops.

What is an eSIM for a phone?

eSIM is becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy consumers. No worries with nano SIM, micro SIM or standard SIM. With a built-in SIM chip, devices are able to connect to wireless networks without having to physically switch out SIM cards.

This makes setting up your device hassle free and allows you to easily switch between plans or data carriers quickly and conveniently. Not only is it easier to set up and maintain, an eSIM saves you time by reducing the occurrence of dropped calls due to signal interruption.

The more widespread use of international eSIM is revolutionizing the way we stay in contact with those around us while keeping us connected on the go. However, eSIM doesn’t support all devices. So, you should check whether your devices have eSIM compatibility. 

Don’t make the mistake of buying an eSIM that your devices do not support. Here is a free tool that you can self check which device supports esim.

Why Do You Need a Travel eSIM? 

eSIMs make life easier for those who frequently travel, own multiple devices or want to have dual sims. 

For those who can benefit from virtual SIM cards, it can quickly become a must-have. Unlike physical SIMs that require you to physically switch out the card when changing phones or providers, an eSIM automatically "switches you over" with a few simple steps. 

As long as your phone is unlocked and compatible with an eSIM, the process can make things much more seamless than having to constantly buy new physical SIM cards. It's worth considering if you regularly have to change providers or switch between multiple devices. Not only does it save time and hassle, but it's good for the environment too!

Can you get an eSIM online in Canada?

The good news is that customers in Canada can get an eSIM online with ease! Most digital SIM cards are free and you can buy them online from most eSIM providers.

Some providers offer mobile internet services across international borders making roaming easier and cheaper than ever before. As usual, High roaming fees can be an unwelcome surprise for cell phone users, particularly when traveling abroad. Such charges can quickly add up, leading to an expensive bill by the end of the trip. Preparing yourself prior to traveling is the best way to avoid unpleasant encounters with high roaming fees. 

Textr eSIM is a Canadian telecom company, providing eSIM travel data plans over 130+ countries. Textr eSIM travel data is much cheaper than carriers. And the most flexible part is it provides regional data plans that one plan is available for multiple countries. 

Researching different plans and figuring out what works best for your individual needs is the best way to go. Proactive research could save you a good amount of money in the end.

Does eSIM travel data plan have a phone number?

An eSIM travel data plan is a convenient and cost-effective way to use mobile networks while traveling abroad. It allows travelers to connect to local networks without having a separate physical SIM card, which can be particularly beneficial if they are switching between countries. However, they may wonder if an eSIM plan comes with its own phone number or not. 

The answer is that some eSIM plans will provide you with a designated international number upon purchase and activation of the plan, while others are eSIM only plans that don't provide a phone number. Depending on your needs, you can select the type of service provider and plan which best suits your requirements. 

For example, Textr eSIM is data plan only, so it does not include a phone number. You can still use a physical SIM number with eSIM. That means you don’t need to change phone numbers, so your family or friends can easily contact you. 

For Canada newcomers, here is a way to get a free Canada phone number. You can download an app - Textr Go - to get a free phone number. Then you can use Textr eSIM to purchase a Canada esim only data plan. Believe me, this way definitely costs you lower than signing up a contract with Rogers or Bell.

How long does eSIM travel data plan last?

eSIM travel data plans offer affordable and convenient access to mobile networks while you’re on the go. But how long do they typically last? 

Generally, travel data plans are for short-term usage. Let’s say 7 - 30 days depending on your needs and budget. The data plan has limited time or just for one-time usage. It’s similar to a prepaid travel data SIM card. 

The good news is most eSIM providers allow for renewal or extension of the chosen plan – so if you’ve gone over the original time limit, not all hope is lost. However, be careful of the eSIM itself. Some eSIM providers ask users to install an eSIM every time when the users buy a new data plan.

Textr eSIM is more convenient than other eSIM providers. Textr eSIM has one-year availability. Once you install it, you can use it for one year. Just make sure you don't delete eSIM manually. 

Does eSIM drain the battery?

With the introduction of eSIMs, a common question has been raised regarding the impact this relatively new technology has on a device's battery life. 

Several studies have been conducted to find out if an eSIM infused device and one with a physical SIM have the same battery life .

Also, some studies even suggest that since setting up an eSIM profile does not involve any heavy establishment processes, such as insertion and removal of physical SIM cards. The overall process can be faster and more convenient while not requiring much extra energy consumption from the phone's battery.

Although eSIM is a new-tech for mobile devices, it won’t drain more battery than physical SIM cards. Remember that when sharing personal hotspot or turning on data roaming with eSIM data will use more energy. So, make sure you turn off your data roaming.

How is eSIM signal?

eSIM signal does not have differences with a physical SIM card. But remember that eSIM can’t call the emergency number like 911. So, the best way to use eSIM travel data is by combining a physical number. 

eSIM supports 5G internet in Canada. But the connection will vary depending on the locations. Some remote areas will only support 4G or lower speed.

The eSIM signal is dependable and reliable, similar to conventional SIM card connections. It may take some time for an eSIM connection to establish, depending on service coverage and other factors, but once it is established, the device usually works as intended.

Making sure to install an eSIM using WiFi connection. As eSIM can only be installed once, the stable connection is important to install it successfully. 

Also, It’s better to activate data plans only when they arrive at their destinations. Once activating the data plan, you can’t stop or deactivate it. So, make sure to turn on the data plan when you are ready to use it.

Can I use Facetime, WhatsApp or Wechat with eSIM?

If you're wondering whether you can use Facetime, WhatsApp or Wechat with an eSIM, the answer is yes! Any communication apps can be used just as easily and securely as it would be with a physical SIM card. 

As you know, making video calls over communication apps consume a lot of mobile data. However, sending and receiving text messages can save your data plan more. You can always send text messages to your loved one while you are traveling.

If you want to take advantage of the freedom and convenience of eSIM technology when using Facetime, WhatsApp or Wechat, now you know it's possible!

Try Textr eSIM Today

Witn Textr eSIM, geting eSIM Canada plan is easier than you think. The transition makes getting a new device much simpler and faster, and is the perfect choice for tech-savvy Canadians looking to simplify their mobile needs. 

Fortunately, it doesn't take long to get your eSIM up and running, as all you need is a compatible device and a QR code or activation code. Once this is done you can start enjoying all the advantages of having an eSIM – from never needing physical SIM cards anymore to being able to switch carriers quickly and easily when searching for better options. So don't miss out – jump on board with everyone else and make the switch today!

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