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Is It Possible to Recover a Deleted eSIM?

May 10, 2024
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Accidentally deleted your eSIM profile? There’s no need to panic. We're here to guide you through the recovery process and help you understand the implications of eSIM deletion. This article offers essential advice on managing eSIM issues effectively.

What is eSIM and How Does It Work?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, simplifies the traditional SIM card into a digital format that’s permanently embedded in your device. It allows you to activate a cellular plan without a physical SIM, switch carriers easily, and maintain multiple accounts. This not only makes swapping carriers more convenient but also supports the design of sleeker devices by eliminating the physical SIM slot.

The recovery of a deleted eSIM depends on its linkage to an SMDP+ number—the activation code, typically a QR code, provided by your carrier. This code pairs the eSIM profile with your device's embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (EID). Deleting the eSIM removes this pairing, but you might be able to reinstall the eSIM using the same QR code or SMDP+ number on the same device.

Should you encounter difficulties in reinstallation or if you have misplaced the SMDP+ number, immediate contact with your carrier's customer support is essential. They can either reactivate your previous eSIM profile or provide a new one based on their policies.

What Happens When You Delete Your eSIM?

The immediate consequence of deleting your eSIM is losing network connectivity until the profile is restored or replaced. Repeated deletions may also risk corrupting the eSIM profile, making self-restoration impossible and complicating future setups.

To avoid accidental deletions, take time to become familiar with your device’s SIM management settings.

Switching from eSIM to Physical SIM?

Switching back to a physical SIM from an eSIM involves requesting a new physical SIM from your carrier, as the original SIM becomes inactive once your profile is transferred to the eSIM. Remember, the physical SIM you used previously will not work because it no longer has an associated profile.

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