What is an eSIM

What is an eSIM: eSIMs VS Physical SIM

Written by Rebecca
June 14, 2024
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With the rise of mobile devices, SIM cards have become an essential part of our lives. But now, a new technology is on the rise, eSIMs. In this article, we will take a look at what eSIM technology is, how it works, and the differences between eSIMs and physical SIM cards.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital version of a traditional SIM card built into your device's hardware. It stores information necessary to connect your device to a mobile network, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

How does an eSIM work?

  1. Built-In Chip: Your phone already has an eSIM chip if it's eSIM-compatible.
  2. Download a Profile: Get an eSIM profile from a carrier or eSIM supplier. This profile has all the details needed to connect to their network.
  3. Connect to the Network: The eSIM uses this profile to connect your device to the mobile network, allowing you to use the internet, make calls, and send texts based on your plan.

With eSIM, you can connect to the internet and make calls without needing a physical SIM card. It works by connecting your device directly to a cellular network using radio waves. As long as there's cellular coverage nearby, you can stay connected without any extra hardware.

Getting Started:

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure your phone is eSIM-compatible (most newer phones are).
  2. Choose a Carrier: Find a carrier or eSIM supplier that offers eSIM services.
  3. Purchase, Download & Activate: Buy and download an eSIM profile. Follow the carrier's instructions to activate the profile, enabling you to use the internet, make calls, and send texts based on your plan.

What Are The Benefits of eSIM? 

With eSIM, you no longer need a physical SIM card, allowing you to easily switch carriers or plans directly from your phone's settings. Additionally, eSIMs support multiple profiles, enabling you to store and switch between different profiles for various carriers or plans with ease.

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Is eSIM better than a physical SIM card?

eSIMs provide the same high-quality mobile service as physical SIM cards, with no compromise on call quality or internet connectivity. Consider these key benefits of eSIMs:

Convenience: Easily activate new plans or switch carriers directly from your phone’s settings without needing a physical SIM card.

Travel-Friendly: Activate your eSIM when traveling abroad without the risk of losing a physical SIM card.

Multiple Profiles: Store several network profiles (up to 8 on an iPhone) and switch between them as needed.

Despite a few limitations, eSIMs offer unmatched convenience, flexibility, and cost savings, making them an excellent option for staying connected effortlessly.

So, is eSIM better than a physical SIM card? In the end, it really depends on your preferences and your phone's compatibility.

Is an eSIM Really Safe to Use?

There have been some concerns about privacy and data security when it comes to eSIMs. Since eSIMs store personal data and phone numbers on the device, there is a risk that this information could be compromised if the device is lost or stolen. Additionally, there is the possibility that the eSIM could be hacked, potentially allowing unauthorized access to the user's data.

To address these concerns, eSIM technology providers have implemented robust security measures, such as encryption and authentication protocols, to protect against data breaches and hacking attempts. They also offer regular software updates to address any vulnerabilities that may be discovered.

Overall, while there are some privacy and data security concerns associated with eSIMs, the technology is generally considered to be safe and secure when used properly. It is important for users to take basic security precautions, such as using strong passwords and keeping their device software up to date, to minimize the risk of data breaches and hacking attempts.

Which Phones Support eSIM?

Unfortunately, not all phones are compatible with eSIM. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Use our handy eSIM Compatible Phone List to find out if your phone can enjoy the many benefits of eSIM.

Does eSIM support 5G?

Textr offers eSIMs that support cellular or mobile networks up to 5G, but the compatibility may differ based on the device you use. It's important to keep in mind that 5G networks are only accessible in specific countries and regions where the technology is supported.

To verify if the Textr eSIM plan is compatible with 5G, you can click on the "Coverage & Network" option on the plan you wish to buy.

Textr eSIM Japan data plan
Textr eSIM Japan data plan (Coverage& Network)

eSIM vs Physical SIM

Here's a comparison table highlighting the differences between eSIM and physical SIM technology:

Feature eSIM Physical SIM
Form Factor Integrated into device Small plastic card
Storage Digital Physical
Activation Remote activation Requires physical insertion
Number of profiles Multiple profiles on one device One profile per physical SIM card
Changing carriers Can switch carriers without a new card Requires a new card
Physical security N/A Can be easily lost or stolen
Availability Limited availability in certain regions Widely available
Compatibility Limited compatibility with devices Compatible with most devices


As we move towards a more connected world, eSIM technology is set to become an increasingly popular alternative to physical SIM cards. With the 2022 US-sold iPhone 14 being eSIM only, it's clear that eSIM is here to stay. Whether you're a frequent traveler or just looking for a more convenient way to switch between carriers, eSIM technology has a lot to offer. So if you haven't already, it might be time to consider making the switch to eSIM and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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