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A Free Travel Itinerary with ChatGPT and OpenAI

March 31, 2023
By Textr Marketing Team
6 Mins Read

A Free Travel Itinerary with ChatGPT and OpenAI

Although planning trips hasn’t been difficult in recent years thanks to Google, it still needed a bit of thought. You’d need a rough idea of what you wanted to do and where to even know what to search.

Now, thanks to the rise in chat AI programs, you can have a travel itinerary planned for you. Gone are the days when you needed to speak to travel agents or research travel influencers! Let’s look at how chat AI like ChatGPT can help you plan for a trip.

Travel Planners in the Past

In the “good old days”, planning trips took a lot of effort. At the very least, you’d need to read a few guidebooks about your chosen destination. However, if you didn’t know where you wanted to go, you’d need to rely on travel agents for advice.

The rise of search engines and social media at least made vacation planning a bit easier. If nothing else, influencers and travel bloggers could give you some inspiration about the hottest destinations for different trip types.

While this was certainly easier, you still had to do a lot of work yourself. Sites like TripAdvisor were always useful starting points, but they required a lot of trawling through pages of things to do.

Now, though, the rise in AI services has hit the travel industry. You can get a chat AI service to plan your travel itinerary, and some will even suggest places to go based on your budget or interests.

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What are Travel Itinerary AI Tools?

Put simply, a travel planner AI tool is a service that suggests things to do on a trip. While different services will go about it differently, some basic principles are:

·  The AI will use algorithms to work out the most popular tourist places and events in your chosen destination

·  It’ll crawl websites (or be fed information) regarding prices

·  Some will even know the distances between destinations, allowing them to plan efficient daily itineraries

It’s pretty impressive how much effort these AI tools can save. You can go from having no idea of where you want to visit to a fully planned itinerary in less than a minute!

Available Free AI Planner Tools

To give you some inspiration for your next trip, here’s a roundup of the best travel planner AI services. These are all free, so try a few out to see which one works best for your vacation planning style.

Roam Around

To use Roam Around, you at least need a destination in mind. However, it’ll generate an itinerary in seconds, which you can then adjust based on your needs. It even provides links to websites and event booking pages so you can do more research.

Build AI Trip Planner

Build AI’s Trip Planner plans your travel itinerary using a basic set of information. Bear in mind, though, that there are only 1000 free uses per day, and they’re used up pretty quick. After these, you’ll need to pay or wait for the clock to reset.

Where To?

Where To AI asks you a few basic questions to filter down its results. For example, it’ll ask your budget and planned trip length before moving on to your desired continents and trip necessities. It then gives you a written explanation of its chosen destination along with an itinerary. However, its itineraries are a bit basic, so it’d be best to combine it with one of the other tools on this list.

Travel Moji

Travel Moji uses simple dropdown menus to help you plan for a trip. One feature it has over other AI platforms is the ability to set a busy or relaxed itinerary. You might find that other services really pack in events without considering travel time or how tired you’ll get! Travel Moji’s relaxed itinerary is great for those who like planning trips on the more easy-going side.

Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI is one of the most straightforward services. It asks how many people are going and where, along with the number of days you’re going for and your budget. Unlike other platforms, it allows you to put in a number rather than a general range. From there, it plans a fairly extensive itinerary for your destination. Of course, you can remove things as needed, but it gives you a details cost breakdown of everything it’s picked.

There’s An AI for That

This isn’t a specific travel planner AI. Instead, There’s An AI for That is an aggregate website sponsored by ChatGPT. It essentially collects all AI-based travel planning sites in one place, allowing you to visit them whenever. It’s a great option if you want to explore the market in a bit more detail and find the best service for your needs.

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Textr eSIM’s Free AI Travel Planner Tool

Textr eSIM is launching its own free travel planner tool. Like other services, it asks some basic questions to establish your destination and budget, which it then uses to plan out some events for your trip.

However, it has 2 key differences from the other services described above. First, you can pick your preferred travel style. Some options include adventure, leisure, luxury and social. These tailor the options suggested in your itinerary. For example, a luxury trip might feature spa days, whereas a social trip might involve lots of bars and restaurants.

The next major difference is that it doesn’t generate a full itinerary. If you try the AI tools above, you’ll notice they build packed itineraries that you likely won’t follow. Textr eSIM’s version simply brainstorms ideas for you, which you can then put together in your own travel plan.

Stay Connected and Stay Safe with Textr eSIM

Textr eSIM allows you to stay connected with friends and family on your next trip without relying on your carrier’s roaming services. It provides affordable and convenient daily travel plans that deliver exactly what you need.

Download the app today and set up Textr eSIM on your smartphone so it’s ready for your next AI-powered vacation!

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