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Textr vs – Which is Better for Business Communications?

By Textr Marketing Team
June 21, 2021
5 Mins Read

If you are looking for an SMS marketing solution, you may have seen the many options in the market. In this article, we will be looking at Textr vs, for these platforms are exceptional when it comes to business communications.

While some platforms boast about their endless features, Textr and focuses on helping you deliver exceptional customer service. Also equipped with a myriad of features, these two platforms go above and beyond in creating an easy-to-use modern platform.

Not only is the affordability perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but the seamless implementation means fewer headaches for everyone involved.

Textr Vs – What to Expect offers three different pricing tiers (basic, plus and pro). For freelancers and small businesses, basic is ideal, starting off at $12.99/month/user including 300 minutes. A free local number is included for each user that signs up. Also, there is the option to port your current number or use their number engine to generate a suitable number. What makes special is its capability to support physical phones as well as virtual.

With a professional phone number, workers get separation from their personal lives from business. allows users to be mixed and matched to ensure everyone gets the capabilities they need. Along with features such as video conferencing, transcription and voice tagging, is a complete communications system.


Textr offers simple, affordable pricing at $10/month/user. This is ideal for freelancers and small businesses. Additionally, custom pricing is available for larger enterprises. Textr specializes in texting communications utilizing a centralized platform that all employees can collaborate on. Options include subscribing to selected numbers or using your current business line.

Wherever the employees are located or whatever device they are using, employees can work together as a team. Contacts are easily shared between team members ensuring no-repeat calls/texts are sent. Textr is accessible on the web or on the app, allowing employees to never miss a customer inquiry. By communicating as a team, customers are serviced more effectively and consistently.

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Textr Vs Comparision


  • All-in-one centralized SMS and MMS messaging platform
  • User-friendly system
  • Lower cost solution
  • Message via mobile and desktop apps
  • Simple tag management system

  • Support physical and virtual phones
  • Call management system
  • Free software upgrade
  • Accessible anywhere on the web
  • Option to pay for live receptionist

Alternative to

If you are looking for a alternative that costs less and offers an unrivaled interface, Textr is your solution. Textr is designed to meet your business’s texting needs with the option to pick and choose the most suitable number for your business. With key features such as group messaging and voicemail, you can answer all customers with professionalism.

Work together with your team on one platform to keep in sync regardless of time zones and locations. Making sales is easier with the ability to follow up on leads by seeing the chat or call history. Upon subscription to Textr, you will have access to a business-grade phone system to make high-quality voice calls either on your PC or on the go.

Why Textr is the Superior Option:

Team Collaboration:

Textr’s user-friendly interface allows anyone to be easily added to the team and get started. Textr warrants a centralized platform that acts as a hub and enables businesses to SMS their customers and employees via a single location. This makes it incredibly simple for teams to collaborate and ensure that their customer inquiries are never missed. It is tailored for early-stage businesses that want to hit the ground running with a simple solution and robust customer engagement. There is also no training required, as it is one of the easiest-to-use applications on the market.

Best ROI:

Textr provides the best value as it provides the best platform for the most affordable price. As email marketing loses traction, text messaging still has a 90% open rate. This means businesses can gain much more sales simply by messaging their customers on their preferred platform. Plus, a centralized platform is beneficial for employee collaboration. By working together and transferring the customer to the best available candidate, customers are serviced more efficiently. In turn, customer satisfaction will rise and brand advocates will be created.


With employees collaborating on a centralized platform, a healthy corporate culture can be established. Internal teams can observe the behaviors of the best customer service reps and replicate it for success. If a strong culture is established the managers will have more time to guide the strategic vision of the firm instead of constantly checking up on employees. Furthermore, managers are equipped with dashboard metrics that help monitor the status of the firm. Textr’s easy-to-use dashboard allows managers to track metrics to monitor the success of the team’s texting efforts.

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Final Takeaways

Getting started with Textr is simple with its intuitive interface. All employees can get started without training and interact with customers right away. Textr’s tag management system allows for quick sorting and convenient grouping. This allows your team to segment and target the most relevant customer groups. Plus, Textr’s servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure you stay connected and can focus on your business.

Naturally, it will be easier to answer customer inquiries with team members working together. Employees best suited to answer an inquiry can be consistently matched to the corresponding customer. Ultimately, more customers will be satisfied and sales will increase.

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