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How to get a business phone number for your cell phone

Written by Jason
April 9, 2021
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You no longer need to run two cell phones for your business and personal life. Add a second business phone number to your current cell phone using an app that will keep your business and private communications separate and organized.Today’s cell phone is orders of magnitude more capable than even the most powerful desktop computers from just a couple of decades ago. With so much computing power at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that cell phones are integral to managing businesses and personal lives.  

Get a Second or Multiple Phone Numbers for Your Business

Today’s cell phones help keep the chaos of a busy life at bay. They are a reliable office assistant for managing schedules and collaborating with team members near and far. In a pinch, they even make a reasonable substitute for document editing when you find yourself without your trusty laptop.  

With so much going on in our lives and business, it’s not easy to separate personal use from professional when doing everything from one phone.  

The alternative is to use two separate phones, but who wants to carry two devices or deal with the expense of two cell phone plans?  

There is a more efficient way to keep your personal cell phone and business use separate, and it’s as simple as downloading an app and using it to access a small business phone number on the device you already use.  

Two numbers on one cell phone keep your personal number private and your professional life separate on one device.

How do I Get a Business Phone Line for My Cell Phone?

You can apply for a small business phone number for free. Once you have your number working, download the Textr app onto your cell phone.  

The Textr small business phone app is $10 per month per user. Compared to a traditional small business phone number, the monthly expense of a Textr plan is a lot more cost-effective.  

Here are the steps to get a small business phone number for your cell phone:

  1. Sign up with Textr.
  2. Download the Textr small business phone app.
  3. Click on the phone numbers tab.
  4. Select add a new number.
  5. Choose a number from 48 states and ten provinces (Canada).
  6. Select how many users you want to add.
  7. Subscribe to your plan and start using your small business phone number.

You have the option to add as many team members and business lines as you need.

The Textr phone app allows you to use a stand-alone business phone number on your existing cell phone. It’s not only a lot more convenient, but it will also give your business a professional edge and save you a lot of money every month.

Get A Local Business Phone Number in Your City, State, or County

A business phone number with an area code your customers recognize is an excellent strategy for improving brand recognition.  

A small business phone number on your cell phone means you have the opportunity to choose numbers for specific states and areas, even if your company does not have a physical presence there.  

Your new leads and prospects are more likely to call a number they recognize as local to their area. So, small business phone numbers are a fantastic opportunity to start developing the trust that is so important in all business transactions.

How Can I Get a 1 800 Toll-Free Number For My Business?

In the past, toll-free numbers have been prohibitively expensive to run for small businesses. Textr makes adding an 1800 number to your marketing strategy an affordable option for even the smallest business.  

Simply go through the steps listed above, and when it’s time to choose a phone number, select the 1800 toll free option, and you will be good to go.

Get a Second, Third, or More Phone Numbers for Small Business

Every member of your team can use the phones they already have to add a business phone number that is specific to them.  

Registering a business phone number is free, and you only pay when you add each user. This means it’s easy to switch your existing phone numbers to new users as your team members change.  

Business phone plans for small businesses can be expensive, especially when you want to add innovations like remote collaboration. This feature alone can save a small business many hundreds of dollars a month.

Add Your Team Members on Board, Wherever They Are

Another fantastic advantage of operating a business phone number through the Textr app, is the ability to add a team member wherever they are.

The remote team member simply needs to download the app and start using the number assigned to them, on a device they are already using.

No longer do you need to deal with the inconvenience of sending your remote team a new piece of hardware, or go through the trouble of setting up an expensive phone line in a remote office.

Benefits of a Small Business Phone Number

  1. More affordable than purchasing separate phones for your business.
  2. Get local and toll-free business phone numbers for the one low monthly price.
  3. Text and call from your business phone number
  4. Separate business and personal numbers mean no more embarrassing mistakes.
  5. Team members can have their own phone numbers for minimal cost.
  6. Set your business hours so no more midnight calls

Can I use my existing phone number on Textr?

If you have been using a small business phone number for years, a change can be expensive. You will incur costs changing business cards, stationery, and signage in which you have already invested a small fortune.  

The good news is, you don’t have to convert to an entirely different number because Textr allows you to port your existing one over to their app. There’s no interruption to your business communications and no risk of losing valued clients.

Can I forward my calls from my business line to my cell phone?

The Textr app delivers a ton of convenient features when you connect your business phone number to the app, and one of them includes the ability to use call forwarding to any device that is using Textr.  

You can also use SMS just like you do with your usual number, except your business texts do not get mixed up with your personal ones.

If you find yourself without your phone or it’s charging in the next room, you can still communicate with your team using the Textr web application. It works in most browsers, so you can even use it from your laptop, tablet, or iOS device.

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