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How Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS can Benefit Your Business

Written by Jason
September 3, 2021
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Virtual phone numbers are a perfect fit for business. In everyday use, virtual phone numbers work much the same as standard numbers, but they have quite a few more features that make them a worthwhile and versatile addition to your business operations. Virtual phone numbers are great for making calls. Also, you can use virtual phone numbers for SMS, which opens up the potential for sending an SMS online and SMS marketing.

In the rest of this article, we will explore more benefits of virtual phone numbers and show you how to get started with virtual phone numbers for SMS.

Why Should You Need Virtual Numbers for SMS?

One of the most significant advantages of a virtual phone number is that they are not tied down to one phone like regular numbers. This feature alone opens up a multitude of advantages for improving business operations.

Virtual phone numbers for business are fantastic for SMS, but they also feature superb audio quality for voice calls. You can set virtual phone numbers to Do Not Disturb so you can finally separate your personal life from your business.

The ability to record calls means you will never miss important details because you can play  back calls at any time. Recordings are also a handy tool to use for training new sales staff.

How do Virtual Business Phone Numbers Work?

Many virtual phone number providers are popular, including Grasshopper, Simpletexting, PingMe, etc.

A virtual phone number for sending SMS will work on multiple devices. You can access them on just about any Android or iPhone or tablet. Any modern device that runs an internet browser can access the virtual phone number SMS service. So, you can send unlimited text from anywhere.

You don’t need to constantly check your phone for messages or use a clunky touchpad to type out lengthy texts. Become more productive by typing your messages out on a full-sized keyboard and sending them directly from your PC or tablet.

There’s nothing complex about getting and using a virtual business number, and it takes just a few steps, including:

  • Registering an account
  • Subscribing to a virtual business phone number
  • Creating a profile for your team member and assigning them a phone number
  • Start using your new number

Virtual phone number apps on your mobile phone allow you and your employees to use one phone for personal and business use.

The app keeps your business information separate from your personal information, so you will always know how to answer the phone when a client or a friend calls. Plus, you won’t make the mistake of sending a potentially embarrassing personal SMS to a valued client.

Choose Familiar Numbers for Your Customers

Familiarity breeds trust. When your organization does business in other states, an unfamiliar phone number from a different state stands out. Your customers will be more comfortable and trusting of a local number, and they are less likely to ignore or delete a message.

You can use whatever virtual phone numbers your client base will find most convenient. For example, low-cost, easy-to-manage local, or toll-free numbers. You can appear to be operating in the same state when you are actually across the country.

Virtual Business Numbers Improve Customer Service

Virtual phone numbers open more convenient and accessible lines to your customers. You can send SMS online from wherever you are and whatever device you happen to have at the time.

Customers appreciate timely answers to their queries. And virtual phone numbers mean your responses will never suffer a delay because you are away from your phone.

You can include other team members into your chat group so the entire sales team is on the same page about what is happening with a customer.

Assign multiple team members to a single SMS number, which is impossible with a traditional phone number. When multiple team members monitor a number, you significantly decrease the team’s chance of missing an important client message.

Increase Your Market Reach and Marketing Efficiency

Another option you have with virtual phone numbers for business is to categorize your customers through tags. Doing this improves efficiency because you will not be sending unwanted messages to a disinterested demographic.

If too many customers receive unwanted messages that don’t relate to them, the risk they will unsubscribe from receiving more messages increases dramatically.

SMS is a growing marketing strategy with several advantages. Unlike email, an SMS is unlikely to get ignored. The majority of SMS are received and acted on within minutes.

Compare that to emails that can sit in inboxes for days or get sent straight to the junk folder, where most people will delete them without opening them.

Even subscriber emails occasionally get sent to the spam box unless subscribers take steps to ensure they receive them, which many don’t. This sort of thing doesn’t happen with SMS messages, so your open rate is much higher.

Get a Virtual Number for SMS with Textr

Now that you know all the fantastic benefits of virtual phones numbers for SMS and voice calling, you are probably wondering where and how you can get started. Textr is here to help.

Textr is available on Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store. It also works inside any modern browser as a web app. With a few simple steps to set up, you can use Textr almost anywhere you have an internet connection and whatever device you have on you at the time.


Q: What’s the difference between a virtual phone number and a traditional phone?

A: A virtual phone number handles phone calls through an internet connection rather than the traditional PABX system or cellular network. Unlike conventional phone numbers that will only work on one phone, you can use a virtual phone number on many different devices.

Q: Can I get a virtual number for SMS without a phone?

A: When your cell phone is out of range of a cell tower, you are out of luck and out of touch until you get back in range. However, a virtual phone number works with any internet connection on just about any device, and it is not fussy about service providers. In short, if you can access the internet even when you don’t have your phone, you will never be out of touch when you have a virtual phone number.

Q: Can I make calls with a virtual phone number?

A: Yes, you can use virtual phone numbers like you would a standard phone number. However, you have the advantage of being able to assign multiple devices, and multiple team members to a single number, so important calls never get missed.

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