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Texting vs. Email: Which One is Better for Your Business?

Written by Jason
February 21, 2021
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Can’t decide which messaging channel to use for your business? Looking for texting vs. email discussion to find which is more suitable for a business? In this article, we have explained the advantages and disadvantages of both. We have also shared how texting emails can be of help. So, keep reading to learn about both channels deeply!

Pros and Cons of Texting


Provides a Personalized Experience to Customers

Texting adds a personal touch to messages. You can send messages quickly like you are having a face-to-face conversation. You can add humorous, entertaining, serious, sad, any sort of feeling to it. It allows you to use emojis to convey your message more appropriately.

The chances of getting a quick response also increase when you talk through texts. By giving customers a convenient experience, you get a chance to grab their attention.

Does not Depend on WiFi

When having texting vs. email discussion, one can never skip this benefit of texting. You do not have to wait for the WiFi connection to send an important message to your customer. You can send or receive any message independent of WiFi. All you need to have is a sim and a mobile phone.

More Convenient for Sender/Receiver

Texting is not only convenient for the customers, but you will also enjoy it more than email. It does not take much time as you can write down a message in a few words. You do not have to write formal greetings etc., as you do in emails. You can reply even when you or the customer does not have internet access.

Faster and Quicker

This messaging channel is faster and quicker than emailing. You can even reply with a simple yes or a no if it conveys the message. It will save you time. You will be able to handle many customers in a short time.

Gets More Engagement

Text open rate is more than the email open rate. It is 98% for the texts and 22.5% for the emails. URLs get clicked more often when you send them through messages. Your company can use this channel to create more engagement with customers. You can give them quick responses to increase customer experience and engagement.


Has a Word Limit

Texting allows you to write only a few words. You cannot use it to send long-form messages to customers and vice versa. The built-in text messaging app we have on the phone has a word limit. But there are apps like Textr that can give a better experience. They allow you to send SMS, MMS and even make calls with the customers all through the same platform.

Pros and Cons of Emailing


Offers File Attachment Feature

While talking about texting vs email, one must consider this advantage of emails. You can attach files of limited size in emails. If your business requires an exchange of files, then it will help you a lot. The recipients will be able to save files. They can even forward them to other people as they like.

Send Message to Multiple Customers with a Single Click

This messaging channel helps in mass marketing. You can reach many people from different areas through emails. With a single click, your message can land in their inboxes in a few seconds. A business cannot do this kind of marketing through text messages.
Texting emails also let you reach more people. You can send your emails to people who prefer texts. If you are unaware of this feature, search for “how to text using email” on Google.

Allows Long-Form Messages

Emails let you send or receive complex long-form messages. Some businesses need an exchange of long messages between customer and company. So, emails can help you do that. It may also improve your customer service by giving customers an informative reply.

You can attach files to convey your message in the form of a more understandable medium. All these things will help you have a better relationship with your customers.

Looks More Appealing

Aesthetics matter a lot when you belong to a competitive market. If you want to grab your customer’s attention, you will have to make your emails look more appealing. By using the right techniques, you can sell more products to your customers. Texts do not give you many options about aesthetics. They look more plain and simple.


Depends on WiFi

One of the biggest disadvantages of emails is that you have to depend on WiFi. You cannot send any message if you do not have internet access. There are places where you cannot have internet no matter how hard you try. Texts help a lot when you are in such places.

Average Open Rate is Low

Most businesses use email marketing to expand their business. Due to this reason, people receive many emails per day. This reduces their interest.

The open rate of emails is much lower than the open rate of texts. Many customers neglect emails, considering them spam. People do not pay attention to most of the emails, even if they are important. They believe all are advertisements and are bragging about their businesses.


1. Can I send emails through text?

Yes, you can send emails through text. There are times when you want to send an email as a text to a client or colleague. During such times, texting email as an SMS helps a lot. There are different answers to or methods of how to text using email. You can search them on the internet and choose the most suitable method.

2. Is texting safer than email?

Texting and emailing both are safe. But if we look more deeply, we will come to know that texting is safer for a different reason. Emails sent through Gmail, etc., are not encrypted automatically. Anyone can spy on them easily. But, messages sent on iPhone get encrypted by default and considered safer. Androids do not encrypt messages, but you can still do that manually for security.

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