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877 Area Code — Enhance Your Business with a Toll-Free Number

Written by Harry
April 16, 2024
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What is 877 Area Code?

The 877 area code is a toll-free telephone number that customers can use to contact businesses, organizations and government agencies. The 877 area code was created in 1996 as part of the North American Numbering Plan and is one of many toll-free codes used throughout the United States. When dialing a toll-free number, the caller does not incur any long distance fees, making it an economical choice for customers who need to reach out to a business from outside of their local area. The 877 area code can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls. When calling a toll-free number, customers will often hear a recorded message from the recipient prior to being connected to an operator or customer representative. This allows businesses and organizations to provide customers with important information about their services and products, or to offer a direct line for customer service inquiries. Toll-free area codes in the United States and Canada also include 800, 888, 866, 855, 844 and 833

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Why Start a Business with Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers are cost-effective for businesses and organizations since they allow customers to call without incurring any charges. Utilizing a toll-free area code can be an advantageous asset in any business. Here are three key benefits of using toll-free phone numbers:

1. Increased Accessibility: Toll-free numbers allow customers from anywhere in the world to conveniently reach out to businesses without incurring long-distance charges, greatly increasing accessibility for both existing and potential customers. This means businesses can work with customers in different countries, states, or cities without worrying about the cost of long-distance calls. Toll-free numbers also provide customers with an easy way to reach out to businesses at any time, making it simple for customers to get help or ask questions.

2. Increased Visibility: Toll-free numbers are an excellent way to increase brand visibility, as toll-free numbers provide businesses with a unique phone number that people can easily remember. Additionally, toll-free numbers are often included in advertisements and can be placed on billboards or printed on business cards. If customers can recall a specific number when they need to contact the business, it will make the company stand out from its competitors. This will not only boost customer loyalty, but it can also increase sales and lead to increased profitability.

3. Increased Efficiency: Toll-free numbers allow businesses to manage incoming calls more efficiently. Toll-free numbers can be used with advanced call routing features, such as automated attendant and voicemail systems, to route calls to the appropriate department quickly. This helps businesses save time, money, and resources on call handling. By using toll-free numbers, businesses can also save money on long-distance calls and international tolls. This cost efficiency allows businesses to cut back in other areas while still providing exceptional customer service. It also reduces the need for businesses to invest in costly toll-free phone systems.

What Countries Support Toll-Free Numbers? 

The toll-free number can usually be used from any country, as long as the destination country supports toll-free numbers. Many countries, such as the United States, Canada, and most European countries, support toll-free numbers. Businesses in these countries can use toll-free numbers to provide customer service without any associated costs for their customers. Additionally, toll-free numbers are especially beneficial for international callers since toll charges can be high when calling from a different country. Toll-free numbers make it much easier for customers around the world to reach businesses when needed. 

How Much Does a Toll-Free Number Cost?

The cost of toll-free numbers for businesses can vary greatly depending on the service provider. Generally, toll-free numbers are based on a per-minute rate, and offered in packages with different call increments. In addition to the toll-free number itself, businesses may also need to pay for storage, toll-free call routing services, and various fees. Prices for toll-free numbers typically range from as low as a few dollars per month to hundreds of dollars per month. It is important for businesses to carefully evaluate toll-free options, compare packages and prices between providers, and make the best decision based on their needs.

Why Sign Up for a Free Virtual Toll-Free Number with Textr Team?

There are few different ways to get a toll-free number, but one of the easiest ways is with Textr Team. We provide phone numbers with local area codes and toll-free numbers. You can build a strong connection with your local customers and your customers can easily reach you by call or text when the need arises. 

Get Started Fast

Easily activate a new toll-free phone number in just a few minutes. There are no waiting periods, no need to visit any brick and mortar store, everything can be done on one app at your convenience.

No Location Restriction 

Your area code will always be shown as 877, wherever your real location is.

Enable Texting on Your Landline Business Phone 

By enabling text to landline, you can send and receive SMS/MMS text messages from your consumers using your existing business landline phone number without using a traditional phone.

Get Multiple Numbers on One Device 

With Textr Team, you can establish more than one phone line without investing in a new device. Therefore, it’s much easier for you to get exclusive phone numbers for each of your offices. Also, you can call and send messages through different numbers, manage your business partners and conversations all on one device.

SMS Campaign 

Make bulk messaging a snap. Send text marketing campaigns that are compliant with the Campaign Registry with a flexible pay-as-you-go system. We've streamlined the process to help your business bring in more leads in less time.

Ring All Users

Ring All Users is an advanced feature offered by Textr Team app. It allows all incoming calls to a particular group of numbers to be directed to a single extension or a few different devices. This can be incredibly helpful for customer services or business reception, especially when the office is short handed due to any reason.

How To Get a Toll-Free Number?

Step 1: Enter your email address and log in to the Textr Team app or webpage.
Step 2: Go to the phone number tab and click “Add Number”.
Step 3: Select Country (US/Canada Toll-Free) then search by area code 877 to select a specific local number.
Step 4: Choose the number of users you’d like to assign to this number and click “Continue to Buy Credits” or “Buy”, make sure you have enough credit in your account.

Where To Get Textr Team?                                 

Textr Team is available on the Web, IOS and on Android. Coming soon, we will support hardware IP phone and Windows/Mac versions.

To download our app, please head over to our download page here or click on the links below:

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