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Textr Vs Burst SMS: Choosing the Best SMS Service for Your Business

Written by Jason
January 18, 2024
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In this modern-day of communications, it is difficult for you as a business to get your message across. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day. This is where the texting platform comparison between Textr Vs Burst SMS comes in.

Text messages are 4.5x more likely to get a response than a traditional method such as email. Businesses that capitalize on this opportunity are quickly seeing results. In particular, they are able to drive more effective marketing campaigns and get greater customer engagement. Also, customers have the convenience of texting and receiving an instantaneous response.

Textr Vs Burst SMS is a worthwhile comparison as the platforms’ pricing and quality stand out in the market. If you’d like to learn more about how these platforms can benefit your business, read further.

What to Look For in an SMS Service:

By now, we can see that adding texting capabilities will give your business a significant competitive advantage. Without a doubt, finding the right platform to support your SMS efforts will be critical.

SMS has an average open rate of 98% and click through rate of 10%.

  1. Firstly, the right platform should be easy to set up and use. After all, texting is preferred for its instantaneity. You shouldn’t have to go through a tedious process to onboard a team member every time. The faster your team members can get started, the sooner you will see results.
  2. Secondly, contact lists need to be easily shared and managed. Certainly, using SMS for marketing and customer service means you will have many interactions with many contacts. To this end, your platform should be able to import and export contacts efficiently. A bonus would be that platform easily integrates with other apps and software you use. Your efforts will be more effective if you have multiple software synced and working for you.
  3. Thirdly, the platform needs to be intuitively designed for team collaboration. When team members sync up, they are better equipped to answer customer inquiries. In addition, members learn from each other to follow up on leads and embody company values.

Textr Vs Burst SMS Comparision


  • All-in-one centralized SMS and MMS messaging platform
  • User-friendly system with group messaging
  • Lower cost solution with unlimited texting
  • Message via mobile and desktop apps
  • Simple tag management system

Burst SMS

  • High speed connection for bulk messaging
  • SMS marketing and sales automation
  • Text automation and alerts/reminders
  • SMS integrations with platforms such as Zapier
  • SMS keywords and email forwarding


Textr has been created with placing the end customer at the heart of everything the platform does. Supporting start-ups, freelancers and small businesses. All customer responses can be received, viewed and responded to in a single app. The app will be available both on the web and mobile allowing you to switch between the two and respond to customers in the quickest way possible. Anyone in your team can be added onto the platform to never miss a notification and ensure there is connectivity, consistency and efficiency throughout your business.

Currently available in the US and Canada, Text focuses on providing freelancers and small-medium businesses the technological tools they need to succeed. Upon subscription, you will have access to a business-grade phone system to make high-quality voice calls either on your PC or on the go. Textr supports landline texting as well offering the capability to subscribe to any local number. Coupled with group messaging and synced contact lists, Text is a powerful collaboration tool.

Burst SMS

Burst SMS operates globally and serves businesses of all sizes. The firm specializes in SMS communications including email to SMS. The service is offered both on the web and on the app. Notably, Burst SMS has added many features from customer requests since their beginning in 2008.

Burst SMS comes equipped with a myriad of features including web SMS, campaign manager and virtual numbers. One of their key features is the use of keywords. Everytime a specified keyword is triggered, automated follow-ups texts can be sent. This is useful for SMS marketing and sales automation. This smoothens the sales process, ensuring prospects have the information they need to be converted. Plus, Burst SMS’ new Sequencer tool allows you to build intelligent SMS automation campaigns.

Textr – Best for Small Businesses and Remote Collaboration

Choosing the right platform

When choosing the right platform for you, it depends on the size of your business and needs. Equally important is ensuring that the platform is easy to use for your team and contacts are easily shared.

Burst SMS comes equipped with many features such as keywords and automation. This is helpful for keeping customers informed when a certain keyword is triggered. For marketing campaigns is Burst SMS’ bulk SMS gateway is helpful for sending messages in mass. However, the price can add up because the platform typically charges per text.

Textr’s advantages

Textr comes through for small-medium businesses as well as freelancers. Textr is also equipped with text automation that can be used with credits. More importantly, Textr’s centralized platform makes it incredibly simple for you to bring your entire team on board. There are no restrictions to how you categorize your teams and the numbers you can assign them to.

Plus, Textr is intuitively designed meaning new members can start texting contacts with no training required. Team members are able to easily view conversation and call histories for reference and training purposes. Members seamlessly pick up where another left off and can leave private notes for each other. This ease of collaboration allows managers to take a hands-off approach. Additionally, managers have access to Textr’s dashboard which comes ready with metrics to observe the team’s service performance.

Lastly, Textr offers this service at a price all small businesses can afford. Textr scales with your business by placing no restrictions on the numbers you can subscribe to and by providing unlimited texting. Small businesses have the easiest time building up their reputation equipped with a professional phone business phone system with the option to pay as you go.

Textr Vs Burst SMS – Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best platform for larger enterprises to send bulk SMS messages, then Burst SMS is the better for you. It comes with a variety of plans and a free 14 day trial, which offers the flexibility of choice.

But if you are looking for an economical solution that is focused on strengthening interaction and relationships with customers whilst building your reputation, then the optimal choice is Textr. The platform consolidates messaging into a single dashboard to help easily allow you to manage interaction and respond in real-time.

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