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Textr Vs Grasshopper: Which App is Better for Your Communications?

Written by Jason
July 24, 2023
5 Mins Read

So you’ve decided to look further into how texting platforms can benefit your business. That’s great! This article will be centered on Textr vs Grasshopper, two considerable platforms on the market.

Increasingly, customers are looking for easy and quick communications with businesses through texting. As a result, small businesses are pressured to adapt by being where their customers are. However, few startups and businesses can’t afford the hefty price to deploy decent networks. Nor do these firms have the time to set up and train employees on using a complex phone system.

How Platforms like Textr and Grasshopper Fit into the Picture

Accordingly, platforms were designed to meet the businesses texting needs. Above all, these platforms helped businesses rapidly reply to customer inquiries with key features such as extensions and custom greetings. Not to mention, these services added professionalism for businesses at the fraction of the price of old phone systems. Henceforth, texting platforms became an integral part of business communication systems.

Particularly, all-in-one phone systems like Textr and Grasshopper provide firms with huge value with the ability to call and text customers on a business line. Not only could businesses pick and choose the most suitable phone numbers, but also they had a centralized platform to collaborate as a team.

If you’re ready to learn more about how these texting platforms with integrated communications can make your employees’ lives and your own much easier, read on.

Textr Vs Grasshopper Comparision


Price: Starting $10/month per user assigned to a number


  • Gets started in minutes
  • Use your existing landline number or subscribe to new local numbers
  • Easy to use for all departments
  • Work and collaborate with your team from anywhere
  • Easy sorting with tags


  • Pay a small fee for inactive numbers/users
  • Fewer dashboard customization options


Price: Starting $26/month – 7 day free trial


  • Includes all basic features
  • Route calls to team members
  • Work from anywhere on desktop or app
  • Options for toll-free, vanity, and local numbers
  • Easy setup custom greetings


  • Difficult to scale due to limited resources
  • Requires existing number to get started

About Textr and Grasshopper


Seeing that small-medium businesses were paying too much for their telecommunications, Textr provided a more efficient and economical solution. Now available on the App Store and on the web, Textr allows businesses to have one-on-one communications with their customers. By subscribing to a number or porting an existing number, businesses gain access to Textr’s all in one centralized platform. Hence, anyone on the team can be added to the platform to ensure customers’ inquiries never go unnoticed. By communicating as a team, customers are serviced more effectively and consistently.


In light of business owners’ hectic schedules, Grasshopper focuses on separating their private and personal lives. Utilizing a virtual phone system, Grasshopper allows its clients to have their own business line. This helps their clients recognize when they are receiving business-related calls and respond accordingly. Notably, Grasshopper allows the reception of multiple calls by routing them to another phone or team member. Along with features to add custom greetings and extensions, businesses can function knowing that their customers’ calls are well received.

How Textr Stands Out from Grasshopper

While employees need autonomy, managers need control. After all, no employee wants someone constantly watching over their backs. Conversely, managers need to ensure that employees are performing adequately. Thankfully, a centralized software like Textr allows both parties to properly function and the business to grow.


With a simple onboarding process, employees can easily set themselves up on Textr. From adding tags to texting customers, new employees quickly adapt to using Textr’s platform. In a matter of minutes, employees are able to join group conversations with customers and provide input. As a result, new employees learn the ropes quickly without having the manager constantly in their ear.


Without tracking metrics, managers won’t know if the business’ efforts are paying off. With this in mind, Textr designed a metrics dashboard that is incredibly easy to use. Specifically, managers can quickly monitor the status of the firm to make informed strategic decisions. Without delay, the firm will be able to adjust its course of action to match the changing environment.

Company Culture:

Especially, for start-ups and small businesses, it is critical to develop a healthy corporate culture. Textr allows all departments to communicate on a centralized platform. In this way, internal teams will be able to observe the energies and values of the company. Consequently, employees will embody these values in their interactions with customers. For instance, any user assigned to a Textr number will be able to observe interactions with customers and model good service behaviour. Undoubtedly, a team driven by strong values will allow managers to delegate work with confidence.


With the convenience of a centralized platform, all employees can collaborate together. Most importantly, customers can be transferred to the most suitable employee at the right time for service. Additionally, team members can access the platform regardless of their device and geographical location. In the long run, this will amount to much time saved and more satisfied customers.


Last but certainly not least, Textr is unmatched in its value offered. Without breaking the bank, businesses can text and call in an all-in-one centralized platform. Chiefly, businesses can choose how many numbers they would like along with their preferred area code. In a matter of minutes, businesses can get started with flexible phone number subscription plans that fit their budget. To learn more about Textr’s pay-as-you-go monthly pricing plans, click here.

Final Takeaways

In this day and age, customers won’t settle for mediocre communications and long service times. In short, virtual communication platforms like Textr and Grasshopper are necessary to keep up with customers’ fast-paced demands.

Certainly, Textr Vs Grasshopper was a tough match as both platforms excel in responding to and matching customers with the most suitable representative. In both cases, businesses benefit by maintaining professionalism and delivering timely service. However, for the reasons stated above, Textr provides the most value with its affordability and unrivaled user interface. Overall, team members have the easiest time collaborating and responding to customers.

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