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Textr Vs Heymarket: Which Platform Offers More Value for Your Business?

Written by Jason
April 16, 2024
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Now more than ever, business texting is essential for maintaining healthy communications with customers. If you’re not communicating on the channels your customers prefer, you’re likely missing out on many sales. Textr Vs Heymarket is a comparison between two outstanding texting platforms.

Considering that many teams are working remotely, a centralized platform is beneficial for efficient collaborations. These platforms allow teams to engage with customers in personalized conversations. While most emails are left unopened, text messages are 4.5 times more likely to be read.

If you’re looking to boost customer engagement and increase team productivity, continue reading about the Textr Vs Heymarket debate.

Textr Vs Heymarket – Platform Benefits

Textr and Heymarket remain at the forefront of texting platforms for their intuitive team-based design. Your team can start with little to no onboarding process. With a shared inbox, your team can delegate work to the most appropriate member. When team members text on the same number together, customer response times are much faster.

Nowadays, customers expect instantaneous replies. Certainly, they may take their business elsewhere if they don’t hear back from you right away. Furthermore, it is essential to maintain consistent communications with customers even after the sale. When you talk with customers to makes sure they are satisfied, it will help to increase their lifetime value to your business. In particular, texting platforms will serve as the gateway for your business to have consistent two-way communications.

About Heymarket


Heymarket is a platform orientated for productivity. Your team can collaborate on a shared inbox where any member can read, reply, or assign messages. Members can view conversations histories and pick up the conversation where they left off. Additionally, private comments can be left for other members to better service a specific customer.


Heymarket comes equipped with various features. You can organize your contacts into lists. Then, utilize features such as merge tokens, signatures, and auto-reply to customize your messages. Another useful feature is text automation. It is most helpful when planning drip campaigns. By planning your messages in advance, you will remember what to include in your message and the best time to reach your contacts. Lastly, keywords can trigger a preset message you left for your customer. In turn, you can add further customization to your outbound messages when receiving customer inquiries.


Heymarket prides itself on its proven integrations with other apps and CRMs. These integrations allow you to leverage other platforms to increase productivity. Notably, Heymarket’s omnichannel capabilities allow you to text customers on other popular platforms your customers may be using. For instance, you can text a contact on social media such as Instagram or reach them on a popular messaging platform such as Whatsapp. The more channels you have access to, the greater the likelihood you can reach your customers.

Administrative settings

As an admin on Heymarket, you have access to granular settings for inboxes, contacts and teams. These settings allow you to manage the permissions of each team member as well as what they can view on the app. Furthermore, you can ensure consistency within the team’s messages with the use of templates. Templates are prewritten messages and guidelines targeted at certain groups of contacts. By writing out messages in advance, you can ensure your brand voice stays consistent and you don’t miss out on any important information.

About Textr


Textr is designed with the end customer in mind. Upon subscription, you will have access to a business-grade phone system to make high-quality voice calls either on your PC or on the go. All in one place, you can bring your entire team onboard to collaborate. You can assign as many users onto a number as needed to talk to customers as a team. Never again will you miss any customer inquiries.


Textr allows your team to delegate tasks and leave private notes to each other about customer details. Coupled with easily accessible conversation histories, team members can quickly pick up where another left off. Above all, Textr excels in bringing remote teams together with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. New employees don’t need any onboarding process and can start texting contacts right away. As a result, managers have more time to focus on the strategic aspects of the business.

Administrative settings

Managers have administrative capabilities which include creating teams and managing them. From contacts to internal teams, it is easy to segment and sort groups in Textr. Equally important is the administrators’ capability to create as many contact tags and groups of teams as they’d like. In turn, it is simple to specify the function of each team and which groups of contacts they should focus on communicating with. Plus, with affordable subscriptions to new numbers, you can acquire different local numbers to handle different products offered in your business.

Optimize communications

Textr is perfect for early-stage businesses that want to hit the ground running with a simple solution and robust customer engagement. There is also no training required, making it one of the easiest-to-use applications on the market. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or improve customer service, Textr offers you the professional platform you need. Equipped with high-quality call audio and unlimited texting, your customer communications will always be optimized.

How Textr Offers More Value

Without a doubt, Textr is unrivaled in its value offering. All the necessary features you need for effective customer service and engagement are presented in its intuitively designed platform. Your entire workforce works on a centralized platform with unlimited calling and texting capabilities. As a result, teams no longer have to worry about going over text limits when servicing customers.

Group messaging and sharing contact lists are simplified. Teams are able to seamlessly stay in sync with customer information and see updates in real-time. Ultimately, Textrapp understands how important it is for your business to never miss a customer inquiry and responded with an intuitive interface all business departments can use.

Undoubtedly, Textr is the most economical solution for your business texting needs. In a matter of seconds, you can subscribe to any local number. Whether you need to change numbers or acquire new numbers, Textr offers flexibility. Plus, you can add Textr to your additional landline number to keep the number your customers are already familiar with. And of course, Textr offers affordable pricing that freelancers and small businesses expect.

Textr Vs Heymarket – Conclusion

At last with Textr, there is an economical solution that scales with your business. As your business grows, you are not limited by the number of texts you can send or the users you can assign on a number. You can subscribe to as many numbers as needed according to your business’s growth and needs.

Most importantly, team members have the easiest time collaborating on Texr. Ultimately, this means customers are served better and your team closes more sales. Ready to grow your business with Textr? Click here to download Textr.

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