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Textr Vs SlickText: Is Either Texting Platform Right for Your Business?

Written by Jason
July 24, 2023
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If you’re looking to boost your texting communications, you may want to consider these two platforms: Textr Vs SlickText.

With text messages reserving a 90% open rate, it has become an invaluable communication tool. Furthermore, texts are read much more quickly than an email that may tend to sit in the inbox for days.

Customers know that if they want an instant response from a company they should use text messaging. Likewise, companies know by segmenting their contacts, they can target them with personalized messages. As a result, customers feel catered to and are more likely to engage with the company.

While both platforms specialize in texting communications, each platform has its individual specializations. Below, we will examine Textr Vs SlickText, starting with an overview. Then, we will compare the pricing, features and specialties. Lastly, we will determine which platform will bring the most value to your business.

Textr Vs SlickText Overview


Textr focuses on business communications primarily using texting. You can subscribe to one or multiple numbers for your business. From here, you can bring your entire team onboard to collaborate and serve customers. With multiple numbers, you can assign different numbers to various products or departments in your business. Custom greetings and call transferring will help you answer all customers with professionalism. High-quality calls can be made nationwide accompanied by helpful features such as call recording and IVR greeting setup.

Textr delivers the most value in the market, providing unlimited texting and the ability to bring unlimited team members onboard. Working together on an intuitive platform, your employees never miss a customer inquiry. With a simple tag management system, they can easily follow up on leads and update the team in real-time. Textr brings in connectivity to remote teams, allowing them to serve customers more effectively. Lastly, you can easily refer to conversation histories and track metrics on Textr’s dashboard.


SlickText focuses exclusively on text marketing by reserving a textword for you. Customers can then text this word to join your list. From here, you’ll want to focus on growing your list so that your marketing campaigns will have the most impact. This can be done through social media, your website or even physical flyers. With a strong list, you can send effective promotions and offers. Certainly, this can be helpful during downtimes or to one-up competitors.

SlickText prides itself on its platform that is easy-to-use and comes with an array of features. This includes SMS automations which allows messages to be easily sent with little manual work. Texts can be adapted based on a customer’s behaviour so that there is still a level of personalization. In addition, experts are on hand to help set up your account and craft your text marketing strategy. Lastly, SlickText has cellular compliance covered. Specifically, they have a good track record of staying compliant with regulations, adding an extra layer of security for your marketing campaigns.

Textr Vs SlickText: The Outcome


Textr wins in the pricing department with its unrivaled bargain at $10/month/user. These pay as you go monthly plans are both affordable and flexible. Whereas SlickText offers a plan starting at $29/month including 500 texts/month and the most expensive plan goes for $139/month including 3,600 texts/month. Note, for larger enterprises, Textr offers custom pricing to meet more complex needs.

Textr’s Standard Plan at $10/ month is perfect for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. Your business will have all the tools they need to have one-on-one communications with your customers. Your firm can add more users to a number to service customers as your business grows. With the capability to add unlimited users and subscribe to new numbers, Textr scales with your business.


SlickText offers the capability to add unlimited contacts. Other features include picture messaging, rollover texts and live chat support. However, to gain access to 1 on 1 training, you’ll have to subscribe to premium plans starting at $49/month.

Textr provides a more robust set of features with the Standard Plan. As an account manager, you can easily manage the team by creating different sets of teams and assigning the appropriate team members. You could share the contact list with members. This will allow your members to view all the information stored on customer contacts. Plus, customer support can be emailed anytime to assist with any issues and will respond promptly.

Small/medium businesses have all the features that they need including unlimited calling and texting in US/Canada. Group messaging can be used by multiple employees to service a customer to ensure they have everything they need. Voicemail and IVR ensures that customers are met with professionalism and given the right instructions. Finally, with unlimited contact tags, there is no limit to how you decide to segment and organize your customer contacts.


Textr specializes in customer service excellence. Whether it’s with custom greetings or transferring the customer to an employee, you won’t miss a customer’s inquiry with Textr. This is different from SlickText which specializes in marketing campaigns. With the use of SlickText’s Textwords, customers can subscribe to your list. From here, drip campaigns can be implemented by sending customers texts periodically.

Conversely, Textr is focused on a human-centered approach with all your employees onboard a centralized platform. Multiple employees on a single number can text a customer. Hence, customers do not have to constantly request to be passed to the right department.

With all the conversation histories saved, your team can go back to monitor customer service conversations. Hence, they can improve on interactions and adjust their approach to provide the best service. Teams can always reference previous interactions with customers to that they do not have to repeat themselves. As a result of this convenience, your customers are served faster and customer satisfaction increases.

Textr is designed so that the onboarding process is not required for new employees. Your employees can easily set themselves up on Textr. From adding tags to texting customers, new employees quickly adapt to using Textr’s platform. In a matter of minutes, your employees are able to join group conversations with customers and provide input. Hence, you can get peace of mind on the day-to-day operations of the business.


Textr vs SlickText was an interesting comparison as both platforms offer a great set of features with different specialties. SlickText focuses on sending automated texts for marketing campaigns. On the other hand, Textr focuses on assigning live team members on a number to support your customers.

Textr is the affordable option small businesses need to optimize their customer service. With Textr, your business can message on mobile where customers expect. Your firms can respond instantly to customer requests as well as send promotional texts. In summary, Textr is the one-stop shop for all your business’s telecom needs, helping you to create brand loyalty and never miss a sale.

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