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Forget about Zipwhip.For just $10 per month with Textr, you get:
1500 mins calls and 1500 SMS
Free / $0.008 USD per message within US
Manage and prioritize texts / calls / voicemails in one app
7 days free trial also includes everything above!
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Outbound Features

Voicemail Automation

Textr Team’s texting from landline service won’t interfere with your voice calls. Enjoy the added benefits without worrying about missed calls.

Custom Organization

A landline to text service opens the gateway for any landline messages to come through. You won’t lose any customer who mistakenly texts the landline hoping for a response.

SMS Campaigns

Text message marketing has a significant impact on purchasing decisions. 79% of smartphone users make shopping decisions based on SMS or mobile device services related to the purchase.
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SImple Set up

User Friendly

Easy to Set Up

No need to change your current number. Textr Team will do all the heavy lifting for you and no extra software equipment is needed. You will be up and running in no time.

Connect Anywhere

You can access your message online through our web app or mobile app (iOS and Android). With your landline text-enabled, you can easily reach all of your clients at your fingertips.
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Why enable texting?


Customers Prefer Texts over Calls

A study found that people like having the ability to text a business. It’s easier for customers to stay connected with your business using the same phone number.


“Read” Rate

Or nearly 100%. The average person reads almost all their texts. Be sure to reach your customers the way they want. Studies show that most people are on their phones for the majority of the day.


Increased Conversion Rate

Did you know that a one minute response time can improve your conversion rate? With a text-enabled landline, your business can improve response and generate more revenue.
The Enabling Texting Process

How to Enable Texting to Landline?

Step 1

Sign up/log in to Textr Team

Step 2

Fill in the enabling text to landline application form

Step 3

Submit the application form

Step 4

Done! Wait for Textr Team’s approval, and start to enjoy your landline texting
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Can’t get through to your customers by call?

Register on Textr Team to enable texting on your business landline to reach these customers by SMS!
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Centralized platform

Text Stress Free

Enabling text to landline allows your current business landline phone number to send and receive SMS/MMS text messages to your customers.
From our Textr Team app you can send texts from your existing business number without any additional hardware.
Textr Team serves as a virtual platform that assists you to carry out this function in a cost-effective way and communicate with your valued customers without any time lag!
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Can I use my existing landline for text messaging?
Can I text a large group of customers?
Do I need any additional hardware?
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Available on iOS, Android and as a web app. Try for free with a US or CA phone number.
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