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Textr Vs Textedly: Which Texting Platform is Better for Your Business?

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Yuan Yang

Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr

Published Jun 30, 2021

So you’ve decided to look into a text messaging platform for your business. That’s great!

SMS remains a powerful force to be reckoned with. 90% of customers prefer texting to communicate with businesses. By talking to your customers where they want, you can serve more customers faster.

With a texting platform, you can receive inbound and outbound texts. This is useful for receiving customer inquiries and responding accordingly. Additionally, you can send exclusive offers and promotions to customers. In whichever way you decide to use SMS, it allows you to stay in touch with customers. Unlike emails that are often left unopened, text messages get a generous 98% open rate.

Nowadays, your customers use mobile as their device of choice. In addition, your employees may be working remotely in different parts of the world. To this end, a centralized platform allows your team to collaborate in one place to communicate with customers via text.

In this article, we will be going over two popular platforms in Textr Vs Textedly. These platforms make sorting and communicating with your contacts a breeze. We will compare their pricing and services offered to determine which platform is better for your business.

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Textr Vs Textedly – Comparision



$10/month per user assigned to a number


Gets started in minutes
Use your existing landline number or subscribe to new local numbers
Easy to use for all departments
Work and collaborate with your team from anywhere
Easy sorting with tags


Pay a small fee for inactive numbers/users
Fewer dashboard customization options



Starting $24/month including 1,200 messages/month


Pricing options for all business sizes
Mass texting capabilities
Customer service reps available
Easy to navigate platform
Text keywords available


Some administrative settings cannot be used without the technical support team
Getting more keywords are costly

Textr Vs Textedly – Company Background


Seeing that small-medium businesses were paying too much for their telecommunications, Textr provided a more efficient and economical solution. Now available on the App Store and on the web, Textr allows businesses to have one-on-one communications with their customers. By subscribing to a number or porting an existing number, businesses gain access to Textr’s all in one centralized platform. Hence, anyone on the team can be added to the platform to ensure customers’ inquiries never go unnoticed. By communicating as a team, customers are serviced more effectively and consistently.


Operating as a cloud-based SMS marketing software, Textedly specializes in mass group texting. Textedly includes key features such as text scheduling and auto-replies to power successful marketing campaigns. Businesses of all sizes can use Textedly to send notifications, increase sales and boost their customer service. Textedly is integrated with 3000 other apps to ensure automated workflows are easily built. There is no software to download and Textedtly works on every phone, allowing teams to work together anywhere.

Textr web and phone app

How Textr Prevails as the Better Option:

    Centralized platform

    Textr has been created with the end customer in mind. By making it affordable to assign multiple users to a number, you can service customers more easily. All employees onboard a centralized platform means that customer inquiries will never go unnoticed. Responding to a customer becomes a team effort.

    Gone are days customers need to be transferred around and put on hold to speak to the right associate. Customer chats are visible to all members of the teams and anyone is free to reply. Responsibilities can be delegated to employees with the most expertise in a particular area. Plus, chat histories are never deleted so previous interactions can be referred to.

    Phone number choice

    When choosing your number, Textr allows you to use your existing landline number. Texting capabilities will be added to the number and the Textr platform will be accessible anywhere. Another option is to subscribe to numbers in which you pick the local area number. You may subscribe to as many numbers as you see fit and choose how many users are assigned to a number.

    This flexibility allows you to have different local numbers assigned to different products and departments in your business. Furthermore, with unlimited calling and texting in the US/Canada, you are unrestricted in the growth of your business.

    Checking customer reviews

      Customer service

      Employees can improve their customer service skills by observing how top customer service reps handle customers. Team members can see all of each other’s previous interactions on Textr. Recorded conversations are important for training purposes and for management to analyze. Not only will managers be able to see service improvements in the metrics, but they will be able to see how customers are treated in conversations.

      Best value

      Textr provides the most value. You get unlimited texting for an affordable price of $10/month/user. Textr doesn’t have any paywalls. All features from group messaging to voicemail services are included in the Standard Plan. Small businesses especially benefit by giving the business a professional appearance. Customers are answered more promptly with more accurate answers.

      Voicemails and chatbots are also available to leave professionals messages when no customer service reps are available. Furthermore, the Enterprise Plan is available for companies with more complex needs. Talk to the sales team for more information so that you’re paying for only what you need.

      Textr pricing plans


      Textr Vs Textedly are both great texting platforms for your business with essential features such as group texting and voice services. Textedly is more focused on marketing campaigns with the use of text keywords and text scheduling.

      Textr is more beneficial for small/medium businesses because of the value provided by the Standard Plan. All features are available to you right from the get-go. What’s better is that Textr is incredibly simple to use, meaning there is no complicated onboarding process for your employees.

      You can focus on the core aspects of your business knowing that Textr provides your team with an intuitively designed platform to work together on. If you’re ready to simplify team collaborations and talk to your customers in real-time, start your journey with Textr here.

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