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Textr Vs TxtImpact: Streamline Communications with the Right Platform

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Yuan Yang

Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr

Published Jul 21, 2021

Nowadays, it is more difficult than ever to gain a prospect’s attention. Businesses in all industries are responding by using text messaging to get a hold of their customers. Textr Vs TxtImpact is a comparison between two trusted texting platforms.

Both platforms excel in increasing customer engagement through texting. With an easily accessible texting platform, businesses have a way to keep in constant contact with their clientele. For instance, schools can provide updates and reminders about events. Restaurants can send seasonal promotions to their contacts to attract more diners.

There are no limits to how you can use texts to communicate. In this blog, we will discuss more about Textr vs TxtImpact to see how they could benefit your business.

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Textr Vs TxtImpact Highlights


  • All-in-one centralized SMS and MMS messaging platform
  • User-friendly system with group messaging
  • Lower cost solution with unlimited texting
  • Message via mobile and desktop apps
  • Simple tag management system


  • Appointment reminders and WordPress plugin
  • International SMS service
  • Send messages from within excel
  • Track links clicked from texts
  • Schedule texts to be sent later



Not only is texting helpful for commuting with your contacts but internally as well. Teams work better when they can easily text each other. Members can delegate work to each other according to their specializations. Plus, with real-time communications, team members can help each other if one doesn’t know the answer to a customer inquiry.


TxtImpact comes with tools such as text messenger and text to email. Messenger allows you to send texts from your landline to any contact. Additionally, with text to email, you can reply to texts directly from your email. Along with a chrome extension and app, it is convenient to use TxtImpact to communicate.


Textr is an extremely easy-to-use centralized platform. Anyone can be added onto the platform and assigned to your subscribed numbers. As an admin, you can segment your employees into teams as well as assign them to communicate with certain contact lists. With Textr, teams never miss a notification from a customer. Textr’s notes function makes it simple for teams to leave private notes for each other. In this way, they will always be updated about customers and delegate work efficiently.

Texting schedule automation

SMS Marketing

Text messages are 4.5x more likely to get a response than a traditional method such as email. Businesses that utilize texting follow up on more leads and get more sales. In particular, they are able to drive more effective marketing campaigns and get greater customer engagement. Also, customers have the convenience of texting and receiving an instantaneous response.


TxtImpact utilizes SMS keywords. Every time a contact texts the specific keyword they receive an automated response. Typically, the response encourages them to join your subscription list. Data such as the number of people that have signed up will be collected. This data can be referred to so that you can improve your marketing campaigns. Along with integrations to other software such as Mailchimp, you can get a better idea of how to improve your marketing.


Textr specializes in delivering the best customer experience. Textr’s interface is intuitively designed for group texting. Teams seamlessly work together in sending out marketing messages and following up on leads. Textr’s dashboard collects all the data managers would need in making strategic decisions. Plus, Textr offers unlimited calling and texting. This gives you an advantage in that you can always deliver your message to your contacts no matter how big your contact list becomes.

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Customer Service

Without a doubt, customers don’t like long wait times in customer service calls. The vast majority prefer to text businesses. In this way, they can receive quick responses that are even faster than email. Internal teams also provide better service since multiple employees can service a customer together.


TxtImpact provides clear communication to customers through the use of automated responses and alerts. Customer service agents can also respond to customers’ texts. Additionally, polls and surveys can be sent out to customers to collect feedback. The firm can then improve its products and services based on this data.


Textr is unrivaled in its intuitively designed platform for collaboration. Teams never miss an alert when customer inquiry comes through. Whenever a team member is busy, another member can always help the customer. The private notes function is especially useful for remote teams working in different time zones. Furthermore, with call and text histories, teams can review conversions for reference and training purposes. Ultimately, by working together and reviewing conversations, teams will better embody the values of the firm and provide better service.

The Textr Advantage

Textr comes through for small-medium businesses as well as freelancers. Textr is also equipped with text automation that can be used with credits. More importantly, Textr’s centralized platform makes it incredibly simple for you to bring your entire team on board. There are no restrictions to how you categorize your teams and the numbers you can assign them to.

Group messaging and sharing contact lists are simplified. Teams are able to seamlessly stay in sync with customer information and see updates in real-time. Ultimately, Textrapp understands how important it is for your business to never miss a customer inquiry and responded with an intuitive interface all business departments can use.

Lastly, Textr offers this service at a price all small businesses can afford. Textr scales with your business by placing no restrictions on the numbers you can subscribe to and by providing unlimited texting. Small businesses have the easiest time building up their reputation equipped with a professional phone business phone system with the option to pay as you go.

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Textr Vs TxtImpact – Conclusion

Textr Vs TxtImpact was a close comparison as both platforms bettered communications. Both platforms come with the primary features a business would need for effective SMS marketing and excellent customer service.

Textr’s advantage came in the form of its platform design and economical pricing. Remote teams work effectively together with employees coming on with no training needed. As well, businesses could send unlimited texts without paying for an expensive premium package.

Ready to streamline communication with your customers? Click ‘Learn More’ below.

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