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Top 10 Speech to Text Software for Your Business
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Yuan Yang

Content Editor and Customer Support at Textr
Published Jul 16, 2021

How do speech to text apps work? Speech to text software isn’t exactly new technology, but it’s only recently that companies are recognizing its usefulness when it comes to business applications. Many new speech to text apps work by using AI networks to recognize voices and learn speech patterns over time, resulting in accurate and fast dictation. In this article, we’ll explore the best apps for speech to text.

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Top 10 Speech to Text Apps

1) Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a speech recognition app from developer Nuance. One of its main appeals is that its artificial intelligence learns the user’s voice with greater accuracy the more it’s used. Priced at $116 per user/year for businesses, it’s a powerful app that predicts speech with 99% accuracy and provides cloud document management.

2) Google Docs voice typing

If you’re looking for a simple and free solution, look no further than Google Docs. The Chrome browser version of the app features a built-in voice typing tool that can be activated by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S or in the Tools menu. This could prove a cost-effective choice for businesses that already regularly use Google Workspace.

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3) Braina

Braina is of the best speech to text apps out there due to the precision of its AI-based voice recognition. Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, it allows you to dictate in over 90 languages with an approximate 99% accuracy.  There is a Lite version to try a handful of its features for free, and the full version will cost $49 per year or $139 for a lifetime subscription.

4) Apple dictation

If your business uses Mac and iOS devices, Apple dictation is a good (and free) speech to text tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can turn on dictation by setting up a custom keyboard shortcut on your Mac or by pressing the microphone button on your iPhone’s keyboard. Apple dictation allows you to transcribe in multiple languages and even switch between them as you dictate by choosing the language in the feedback window.

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5) Windows 10 dictation

It isn’t just Apple that lets you type with your voice either; Microsoft has also included a free speech to text service in Windows 10. Just like its main competitor, dictation can be easily set up in your PC’s settings menu and activated by pressing the Windows logo key + H. Windows 10 dictation allows you to easily control your computer and type into documents using your voice.

6) Otter.ai

Built with businesses in mind, Otter.ai is an app that automatically joins your selected Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings and produces live transcriptions. It’s adept at recognizing different voices and its transcripts can be annotated and highlighted by participants in real-time. It also produces automatic summaries and word clouds for the keywords in your meetings. Its paid plans start at $8.33 for individuals and $20.00 for small businesses, with an additional enterprise plan for large organizations. With the free version, you’re limited to 600 minutes of transcription time per month.

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7) Verbit

Verbit is one of the leading speech to text apps for business, offering 99% accuracy and additional features like translation and captions. Like Otter.ai, it also generates automatic transcripts for your live meetings via web conferencing apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams, with speaker identification included. You can upload audio and video to Verbit and receive a 90% accurate draft within 5 minutes. After 8 hours, Verbit will produce a final proof that claims to be over 99% accurate. There are three pricing packages, which can be requested on their website.

8) Speechmatics

One of the biggest draws of Speechmatics is that the software has been trained in English using speech from 40 countries around the world. This results in an enterprise-ready speech to text app that easily understands different accents and regional dialects. Speechmatics can transcribe in real-time or by uploading audio and video files. Its accuracy is among the best currently available, making it a top choice for English-speaking international companies. Pricing can be requested from Speechmatics’ sales team.

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9) Transcribe

Transcribe is a speech to text browser service, which can be useful for businesses as it means it can be accessed from any location, rather than a specific computer. The downside is that it requires an internet connection to function, though it still works well even on patchy Wi-Fi.  You can transcribe pre-recorded audio and live speech in over 60 languages and export the results into doc, txt or subtitle formats. Transcribe costs $20 per year for self-transcribing and an extra $6 per hour for automatic machine transcription, there are also group licenses for teams with discounts for over 50 users.

10) Voice Notes

Voice Notes is one of the highest-rated speech to text apps for mobile devices, allowing users to make short recordings while on the go. A useful choice for jotting down business ideas, it features accurate speech recognition, category creation, and the option to set reminders for meetings and events. Once you’ve recorded a note, you can share it with your colleagues via email or social networks. Voice Notes is free with in-app purchases to remove adverts.

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Final Considerations

Before you decide on the best app for speech to text, you should consider how much you’re willing to pay (if anything). Advanced features like live transcription and translation are useful for large enterprises, but may not be worth the additional cost to start-ups, freelancers and small businesses. Think about how you’re going to use a speech to text app and whether you’ll want software installed on a specific computer or the freedom to dictate from your browser or smartphone.

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How much faster is speech to text compared to typing?

Speech to text apps can transcribe over 150 words per minute, which is much faster than typing. Professional transcriptionists are able to type around 50-80 words per minute.

Why isn’t my speech to text software accurate?

Most capable speech to text software is over 90% accurate, but sometimes heavy regional accents can confuse the software. AI-based speech to text gets better at recognizing your voice over time. If you’re still encountering problems, there may be an issue with your microphone or background noise levels.

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